Kylie Jenner Changes Eye Color Again, Goes Blue — PHOTOS

The only konstant in the Kardashian family is change, at least when it comes to their looks. Kylie Jenner changed her eye color... again. The usually brown-eyed reality star rocked gray x blue contacts and the shade once again transformed her look. The light eyes provide serious contrast to her super dark hair and those immaculately groomed brows and arches.

Yesterday, Jenner posted a photo of her thigh scar, noting that she loves it. It was actually a body positive action, which was a nice surprise amid all the pouty-lip shots in her selfie-filled feed. That's because it showed the teen embracing something that can be viewed as a flaw. She followed that up with a bunch of pics rocking pale eyes.

No, it's not the first time that Kris Jenner's youngest spawn has swapped out her eye color via contacts. Jenner often changes her eye color and is sometimes unrecognizable when she does so. I think Jenner looks prettier with dark eyes. Perhaps that is simply because I am used to seeing her with dark peepers most of the time?

You have to remember that she is 18 and most of her peers experiment with their looks, from makeup to hair changes. Jenner just has the cash to take it to another level with things like colored contacts.

Jenner was having a Kim Kardashian hair moment here, with the tightly slicked back 'do. Her signature matte lips, courtesy of her Kylie Lip Kit, were on display, though.

Jenner is still beautiful with the blues... eyes, that is.

Oh, and the fact that Jenner was gnawing on her big sister Khloe Kardashian's book in one of her blue-eyed pics caused me to stumble on this pic of Koko, with her own set of pouty, glossed, and Kylie-sized lips.

Is it me or is Kardashian getting blonder? Maybe it's because her hair is the shortest it's ever been, thanks to her shaggy, textured lob, and that's why it appears more golden than before. It might be an Insta filter, but the ends like super blonde.

I dig Kardashian as a blonde. While her big sister Kim's stint as a platinum blonde nearly broke the Internet, Khloe went blonde earlier this year and has remained committed to the shade to spectacular results.

IDK. I cannot keep up with all this change in the House of Kardashian. At least the ladies always keep us guessing, right?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1)