Golden Globes' 'Creed' Snub Is So Disappointing

In a shocking upset, on Thursday morning Creed was nominated for only one Golden Globe: Sylvester Stallone for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. And, while fans of Stallone are celebrating his comeback, fans of Creed specifically are left scratching their heads. Surely, the movie deserved more than just one nomination for Stallone? What about Michael B. Jordan, who lead the film as Adonis Creed? What about director Ryan Coogler, who gave us arguably the best fight scene of the year? When you consider the many excellent components of the film besides Stallone's performance, it becomes clear that the 2016 Golden Globes snubbed Creed.

Creed is a rare gem in Hollywood. An expertly crafted, personal franchise film that just happens to star a mostly black cast. That alone makes Creed unique in a field full of overly produced, epic dramas starring white men (I'm talking to you, Trumbo). That's not why I think Creed should have earned more nominations, it's just important to note that had the film gotten the recognition it deserved for so many reasons, it also would've added some much needed diversity to this year's extremely white pool of Golden Globe film nominees.

The movie was both well-crafted and extremely well-received, making this oversight by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association extremely disappointing. It would be easy to say that Creed's Golden Globes fate was sealed by a late release date — the film didn't hit theaters until Thanksgiving — but that's just not true. Among the films nominated for Best Motion Picture Drama, one, Carol, was released on Nov. 20 and another, The Revenant, has yet to hit theaters. Furthermore, two nominees for Best Motion Picture Comedy, The Big Short and Joy, are also awaiting their release dates. It's difficult to explain the Golden Globes' upsetting Creed snubs, but I hope that whatever the cause, the Oscars don't make the same mistake.

Image: Warner Brothers