Ignore The 'Parks & Rec' Snub With These Gifs

Not only did fans of NBC's Parks And Recreation have to suffer through the emotional despair of watching the show's final season earlier this year, but now we have also been forced to suffer the indignity of watching our favorite comedy be completely snubbed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association... again. Over its seven year run on NBC, the workplace sitcom has only managed to procure three nominations for Best Comedy Series and one nomination for its star, Amy Poehler (which she miraculously won two years ago). But for its critically-acclaimed final season? Nada. Zilch. Bupkis. The Golden Globes failed to nominate Parks And Recreation in a single category.

As great as Poehler is as Leslie Knope, Parks And Rec is at heart an ensemble show, and it's shocking that none of the rest of the cast ever got the recognition they deserved. But you know what's better than a Golden Globe? Hilarious gifs. What are you gonna do with a useless trophy, anyway? It's just gonna sit on a shelf and collect dust — whereas gifs are super useful in everyday life. Sure, a Golden Globe may be worth approximately $14.2 million, but a picture is worth a thousand words... which means a gif is worth, like, ten thousand words, at least.

Here are 17 gifs to make you feel better about Parks & Rec's egregious snub.

1. This Befuddled Query

Literally me every time I encounter a non-fan.

2. This True Fact

It's a close run between butter and bacon, TBH.

3. This Dance Move

Because sometimes we all get a little too excited.

4. This Mic Drop

So handy for whenever you need to dramatically exit a convo.

5. This Face

Basically my reaction to the HFPA Thursday morning.

6. This Important Reminder

Thank you, Tom Haverford. I just might do that.

7. This Stunning Syllogism

Remember that mic drop gif? Insert here.

8. This Political Statement


9. This Declaration Of War

For use on mortal enemies only.

10. This High Five

We are witnessing a collision of greatness, people.

11. This Confession

Never play Settlers Of Catan if you want to stay friends.

12. This Puppy

Because puppies.

13. This Cry For Help

We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

14. This Primal Scream

Let it all out, you guys.

15. This Compliment

So flattering.

16. This Choice Of Activity

So basically, following the Republican Presidential primary, right?

17. This Group Hug

Because we all need some warm fuzzies after those ice cold snubs.

Sure, these gifs don't completely make up for the fact that we won't be getting to root for Parks and Rec when the 2016 Golden Globes roll around. But, hey, at least they make your world that much of a brighter place — just like Parks and Rec itself.

Image: NBC