Essie Is Re-Releasing A Very Iconic Shade

by Ashley Berg

Everyone's favorite nail polish brand, Essie, is re-releasing Starry Starry Night in a new collection all about discontinued polishes. The Retro Revival collection will be released for the brand's 35th anniversary in early 2016. I've been dreaming about the five shades that have already been released and waiting patiently (or anxiously) for the final polish to be announced, just hoping it would be this iconic shade. Let's just say I'm a bit of a nail polish fanatic.

The final re-released shade was announced on People Style's Instagram Thursday morning, and, as I mentioned above, it will be Starry Starry Night, a luscious midnight blue shade that was originally released in 1985. That's right — you will no longer need to score the pages of eBay in order to get your hands on this sought-after shade. In January 2014 the shade apparently sold for a whopping $250 in an auction on the site, reports People Style. Talk about being in love with a nail polish!

Having your favorite polish become discontinued is the worst, but having to wait for for it to come back may be even more stress inducing. Try practicing some of these killer nail art tutorials while you're waiting to get your hands on these newly re-released polishes.

1. Galaxy Nail Art With Starry Starry Night, 1985

Starry Starry Night is the perfect polish to use in a galaxy nail tutorial. Deep blue with a hint of glitter act as the the background for a swirling sky.

2. Shattered Glass Nail Art With Life Of The Party, 2002

This new nail trend would look amazing layered over Life Of The Party.

3. Gradient Nail Art With Birthday Suit, 1981

Any one of the revival shades would look great with a slow gradient into Birthday Suit. Bikini With A Martini makes the look playful while Life Of The Party turns it into something more festive.

4. Scaled Pattern Nail Art With Sequin Sash, 2005

Using Sequin Sash in this tutorial would take the look from playful and bright to classic and muted.

5. Sheer Marble Nail Art With Bikini With A Martini, 2006

I think Bikini With A Martini would look stunning with Cabana Boy or Birthday Suit in a marbled nail look.

6. Abstract Nail Art With Cabana Boy, 2005

Using a mix of the revival shades will work perfectly for this nail tutorial! Life Of The Party and Cabana Boy would make for a great holiday nail.

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Images: Essie