Why Michelle Tanner's Cereal Gifts Rocked

by Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one family that you want to hang out with during the holidays, it's the Tanners. (And not just because they have so many people in that house that they're guaranteed to make lots of extra food for their Christmas feast.) The Full House family knows how to spread the love, whether it's the holidays or just a regular Sunday night, but Christmas reveals something particularly special in even the most saccharine of sitcom families. I am, of course, talking about their affinity for picking the exact right gift. Remember when Uncle Jesse gave Aunt Becky the gift of a "white Christmas," despite being miles away from the possibility of snow? That was all well and good, but I am, of course, talking about Michelle's ultimate Christmas presents: gifts made out of cereal.

In the Season 8 episode "Arrest Ye Merry Gentleman," the youngest Tanner kid talks about her favorite thing to give away for the holidays: things made out of cereal. Michelle is all about that handmade life, and her handmade life includes things like Frosted Flakes earrings. Unfortunately, the other members of the Tanner clan aren't totally thrilled with the concept, but they're totally in the wrong here. Here's why Michelle's cereal-inspired gifts are the stroke of pure genius:

1. The Gifts Are Good On Your Wallet

You're already buying cereal, so why not get the most use out of your $2.99 box and turn it into creative presents for the entire family? Your brother won't want gold cuff links when he can have Golden Grahams cuff links.

2. They're Eco-Friendly

No one wants a present that's terrible for the environment, like a car or clothing or even a card. That's just wasteful.

3. If You're Hungry, They Double As A Snack

All you need to do is yank down on your earrings for a frosted snack.

4. They're As Fun To Make As They Are To Give

You can make an entire night out of gift-making, which will include baking Rice Krispies treats for your custom retainer cases.

5. It's Better Than A Tie With A Cup Holder Attached


6. You'll Get Points For Originality

Because really, who else would think to make cereal-esque jewelry? It's just you and suddenly you're winning Christmas.

7. You Can Open Up An Etsy Store

Go ahead and make those bills, girl.

See? Don't knock a homemade gift as awesome as Michelle's: you may just want to steal her business model for yourself.

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