How To Get Free Yeezys This Weekend

Regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice (or fall somewhere in that gray area) this year, everyone has a shot at winning the Yeezy Boost 350s treasure hunt this weekend. Hypeist announced that it will hide a pair of Kanye West's highly coveted and sold-out Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock somewhere in New York City. The shoe drop — #Yeezmas — will happen on Sunday, Dec. 13, but only those who were able to get on the exclusive invite list (mad jealous of you, BTW) will get clues on its location.

Known for its treasure hunt tactic of giving away exclusive and limited edition products, Hypeist will either hide the actual item or ask participants to search for tokens throughout the city that can later be redeemed for the product. The #Yeezmas giveaway will be a hunt for the winning tokens, so be sure not to look around for the shoe itself. Additionally, getting on the list for the Yeezy Boost treasure hunt is only part of the contest. It also requires serious knowledge of the rapper and designer behind 2015's "Shoe of the Year," because Hypeist wants to limit participation to hardcore West fans only.

"This drop is about the Yeezy Boost, so make sure you have a good understanding of Kanye to pickup on all references and clues," the company said. "Don't skip your finals to study Kanye, but if you understand our subtle and cryptic references, you will have a significant advantage over most of the competition."

Aside from your super-sleuthing ability and knowledge of all things Yeezy, Hypeist also gave a few helpful tips on how to win Yeezy Boost 350s this weekend:

Use Common Sense

Read all instructions carefully unless you want to miss out on a tiny piece of detail and end up at the wrong location.

Take Safety Precautions

Don't put yourself or others in danger for a pair shoes, even Yeezys.

Be Social Media Savvy

You've gotta follow Hypeist's Twitter and Instagram for clues and instructions, plus the founder of the token must send a photo of it to the company's IG.

Look Out For Easter Eggs

There are other prizes aside from the Yeezy Boosts to be found in the treasure hunt, so keep an eye out for anything that you can win.

Bring A Friend

Hypeist says that the invite includes you and a guest because four eyes are better than one. Happy Hunting and Merry Yeezmas!

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