The Secret To Holiday Dressing In Warm Weather

by Rosie W.

'Tis the season to don festive holiday apparel — unless you live in a climate where temps have yet to dip below fifty degrees. Dressing for the holidays in warm weather can be frustrating, because who wants to pull on a knitted sweater when your pants are already giving you hyperthermia? (Come on, weather, it's December. Get with the program.) Great holiday clothing is ubiquitous on the internet, but let's face it — most of it was designed with the holiday ideal of fluffy snow and freezing temperatures in mind. That is to say, it's going to keep you warm. And in hotter climates that's just not cool.

Obviously, temperate temps aren't the worst thing that could happen to your festivities. For half the world, after all, December is smack dab in the dead of summer. And if you live anywhere near the equator in the northern hemisphere, chances are you've experienced your fair share of snow-free holidays. Or perhaps all of your holidays have been snow-free. You might not even own a winter coat (gasp!). But if you really want to crank up the holiday cheer and also, you know, not suffocate, I've found the best warm-weather friendly festive pieces the internet has to offer.

1. A Festive Bow

Big Christmas Cheer Bow, $14, Etsy

Aside from being adorable, accessories like this get the point across without insulating any body parts. Thank goodness.

2. Ugly Sweater-Tank

Ugly Sweater Christmas Women Tank Top, $19, Etsy

Lounge in this pseudo-knit print tank while you sip on an iced cocoa.

3. Novelty Tee

Christmas Grinch T-Shirt, $25, Etsy

Just because it's too warm for sleeves doesn't mean that you can't wear the Grinch across your chest.

4. The Office Party

Stylish V-Neck Long Sleeve Solid Color Wrap Dress, $28, Rosegal

This dress sports long sleeves, and that's all you need to stay warm when the low for the night is in the '50s.

5. Holiday Ankle Socks

My Ugly XMas Socks, $8, Livingroyal

It is just too hot to even consider knee-high socks. These will do nicely instead.

6. A Sundress

Snowflake Print Sundress, $24, Amazon

This little sundress is totally festive and can be layered — oh wait, what am I talking about? Layering is a thing of the past because it's never going to get cold again.

7. Faux Knitted Swimsuit

Not Actually Knitted Swimsuit, $90, Blackmilkclothing

Buying a holiday bathing suit is the ultimate rebellion.

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Images: Courtesy Brands