We Have So Many Questions For 'Jane The Virgin'

Christmas is coming early this year as the Jane the Virgin holiday episode airs Monday, Dec. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Most episodes of this drama/comedy/soap/thriller end in something heartwarming, so I can only imagine what an episode featuring the most wonderful time of the year is going to bring to make me feel all of the feels. However, when the episode ends, I know I'll be left with a crushing feeling because this isn't just the Jane the Virgin holiday episode but also the show's mid-season finale. Please tell me Jane the Virgin comes back soon so that I don't have to wait too long to have the Villaneuvas and company back in my life.

Unfortunately, once we celebrate the holidays and New Year's, we're going to have to wait a little longer before Jane the Virgin returns with the second half of its season. Jane the Virgin will be back with all-new episodes on Monday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. ET, which helps kick off the last week of The CW's winter premieres.

None of us want to wait any longer than we have to for new episodes of Jane the Virgin. However, when the show does return in January, it should come packed with some juicy revelations since this season's mysteries are just starting to heat up. If the second half of this season of Jane the Virgin brings answers to the following burning questions I have about Season 2, its arrival will be worth the wait. And if you aren't caught up with Season 2 of the show yet, be forewarned that there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

1. Who Is Luisa's Mother?

The last episode of Jane the Virgin dropped the bombshell that, unbeknownst to mostly everyone, Luisa's mother is still alive. It sure sounds like the series is setting up that her mother is the Mütter crime boss we've heard some murmurs about this season, or at least connected to her. However, this plot point has just been so wacky so far, I'm hoping we get a bit more explanation as to who Luisa's mother is, why she faked her death, and why she's living a life of crime that actually makes some sense.

2. Is Sin Rostro Gone For Good?

Speaking of Mütter and Luisa, have we really seen the last of Sin Rostro, a.k.a. Rose? She has been M.I.A. this season as Michael and his fellow police detectives turn their attention on this Mütter character, who is possibly even more dangerous. But as we all know with soap operas, just because a character is absent doesn't mean he or she is gone for good. I think we should expect Sin Rostro to pop up onscreen once again this season, even if we probably won't be able to recognize her due to all of the plastic surgery she's received.

3. Is Nadine Really Dead?

Along those lines, I'm a little hesitant to accept the fact that Nadine was killed off in "Chapter Twenty-Nine." All we know about Nadine's death is that she was shot while Michael was going undercover with her, but it's unclear exactly who killed her. Sure, there was a whole funeral for Nadine, but we've seen plenty of characters have funerals and then reappear with some convoluted-but-sort-of-makes-sense rationale for why they didn't really die. Hey, Luisa's mother faked her death and seems likely to appear on Jane the Virgin later on this season. Who's to say Nadine won't do the same thing?

4. Is Eric Wu Going To Be An Important Character?

Eric Wu is the man Rafael hired to expose Michael's wrongdoings, which eventually got him fired but not actually. However, that's all we really know about this guy. But he does have a name, and he was at Nadine's funeral, so this leads me to believe Eric is going to be more important to the story as this season progresses.

5. When Will Ivan's Death Be Discovered?

I feel like it's only a matter of time before the Weekend at Bernie's scenario Petra and her mother Magda have created for themselves is found out. However, when and how it will end is a mystery to me and one I'm eager to see play out. I just hope Petra doesn't end up in jail alongside her mother this time around. No one wants to see her give birth in prison.

6. Will Jane Have A Fling With Her Writing Professor?

It sure looks like it! Jane and Professor Chavez's relationship has started off the same way many a rom-com couple's origin has, with a mutual dislike for one another. However, now that Professor Chavez has become Jane's adviser, it sure looks like they've started to respect each other a little more. I even detected a glimmer of admiration in each of their eyes when Professor Chavez said he was impressed by Jane's gumption. Personally, the thought of a student dating her teacher sounds skeevy to me, so I really hope Jane the Virgin doesn't actually go down this road.

7. Is Hombres Locos Really Over?

I love Rogelio, and the fact that he made a comedic, Spanish-language version of Mad Men called Hombres Locos is one of the best things to have happened during the show this season. I was heartbroken to see Rogelio's dreams get crushed when the very Don Draper-like network executive passed on the show, effectively killing it forever. But this series was such a high point for Jane the Virgin this season and would be a big win for Rogelio in his career that I'm hoping there's a way Hombres Locos will make it on the air after all.

8. Who Will Jane Marry?

Jane the Virgin's showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman revealed to TVGuide.com in July that Jane will be walking down the aisle this season. Who the lucky guy will be is still a mystery, of course, and probably something that won't be revealed until the end of Season 2. Start making your cases for Michael, Rafael, or maybe even someone new now.

9. Will Jane Lose Her Virginity?

And when Jane does get married, does that mean she will finally lose her virginity? It certainly could. Seeing as how she made a pact with herself to not have sex before marriage and she's not on great terms with either of her loves, Michael or Rafael, right now, it seems unlikely to happen before she ties the knot. It also might be hard to have a show called Jane the Virgin and not have a character that lives up to that title, although Urman doesn't see that as that big of an issue. Still, I think we can all rest assured knowing that Jane will make the right choice for herself when she's ready.

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