Is Lacey Really Dead On 'The Royals'? Helena's Lover Could Still Be Alive

In the Season 1 finale of The Royals, it looked like both of the main men in Queen Helena's life had died — King Simon from being stabbed and Captain Alastair Lacey from being shot. Lucius finally admitted to the queen that he was behind Lacey's disappearance, but is Helena's lover really dead on The Royals? Cyrus had ordered the murder of Lacey and Lucius saw it through, but without actually physically seeing Lacey's body, I wouldn't put it past the show to have the war hero still be alive.

Back in Season 1, Lucius had gone to Lacey's home on orders from Helena to deliver a letter. But he also had two soldiers accompany him on Cyrus' orders to take the queen's boyfriend out. While Lucius was leaving the home, a gun shot was heard, implying that Lacey was shot and killed. That was the last The Royals showed of Helena's true love, but after the queen got high with her children and discussed how they should "choose love" during the Dec. 6 episode, she decided to reach out to Lacey again through Lucius. Except Lucius finally got caught in his lies after Ted Pryce went to Lacey's home and found a burn mark on a table that was evidence of a firearm being discharged.

Helena got Lucius to tell her the truth (although he did omit that the assassination was ordered by Cyrus) and she had him arrested. While Helena will probably mourn her lover's death, I'm not ready to say that viewers will never see Lacey again. Soap operas love making it look like someone has died and then bringing him or her back — and The Royals definitely qualifies as a primetime soap. But until the day that Lacey (maybe) appears, I'd love to see Helena figure out that Cyrus was responsible for his "death." Cause hell hath no fury like a Helena scorned.

Image: E!