Who's Mandy On 'The Royals'? Eleanor's New Love Interest Shouldn't Be Trusted

Oh, holy Royals — the fourth episode of Season 2 of The Royals didn't hold back any punches on Dec. 6. But along with the drama, there was some happiness between Eleanor and her new love interest Mandy. Oh, but wait, did you actually think that the princess would get a shot at someone legitimately loving her so easily? Hey, she already had Beck, so apparently that's the only non-lying person (if not faithful to his wife) Len gets to have in her love life.

Mandy — the fun-loving, American model — quickly inserted herself into Eleanor's life when they partied at a club together in the episode "Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?" After scrolling through her phone and realizing most of her contacts were hookups, Eleanor decided to take a "guyatus" and just spend the day hanging out with her new friend in "What, Has This Thing Appear'd Again Tonight?" (Plus, if she gives up guys, she doesn't have to give up her drugs.) The princess finally had a carefree day with her new friend and when Len brought her back to the palace, Mandy went in for the kiss.

I was proud of Eleanor for saying she wanted to stay just friends since she doesn't have many, but after a rare family bonding moment between Eleanor, Liam, and a pot-smoking Helena, the princess decided to listen to her mom's advice to "choose love." She went back to her room and found Mandy in her bed and the pair ended up sleeping together.


When Len was asleep, Mandy wandered around the castle in her underwear and Motorhead shirt — and I knew something was just not right. As she peered at the royal jewels, Jasper appeared and asked what she was doing in the castle. Turns out "Mandy" is really Samantha and not only does she know Jasper, she's also sexually linked to him. She told him she was there to finish what "they" had started and then Jasper and Samantha made out. What the wha?!

While I think Jasper does genuinely care for Eleanor now, I know his intentions in the beginning were not good. And Mandy/Samantha inserting herself into the situation is going to completely screw with the already royally screwed-up Eleanor. The Royals seems set on never having the poor princess find real love and I think I may be beginning to understand her drug dependency now. Welp, there goes all hope for a Jeleanor reunion any time soon.

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