Does Han Still "Have A Bad Feeling About This"?

Not to be dramatic or anything, but Han Solo changed me as a person. Harrison Ford’s Star Wars character is the source of a lasting fascination with roguish gentlemen. A bad boy Big Bang, if you will. And even though Han will be older and somewhat wiser in his The Force Awakens incarnation, he’s bound to have retained that sarcastic wit, debonair charm, and a slight tendency to barrel into danger without really thinking it through. Han Solo is an iconic character, with three movies’ worth of iconic lines. The Force Awakens won’t be a successful re-invigoration of the franchise if it’s two hours and 16 minutes of in-jokes and callbacks to the original trilogy. But I’ll gladly accept references to these legendary Han Solo moments — you know, for the sake of character continuity.

Harrison Ford has been downright mischievous and so very fun during the press tour for The Force Awakens. It’s that part of the actor that took Han Solo’s mercenary-with-a-heart-of-gold character from words on a page to a major player in the film pantheon. I’m so excited to see him dip back into those waters in this new movie, whether or not these perfectly timeless lines make it in.

1. Calling Leia "Princess"

Leia goes by "general" now, but surely Han still occasionally uses her old title as a term of endearment. JJ Abrams hinted to Entertainment Weekly that one character "slips" and calls her "princess," which is confirmation enough for me.

2. Messing With The Empire

It's intergalactic civil war, and Han's out here playing Freeze Tag. Never change, sir.

3. Scoundrel Pride

That's it. The line that ruined millions of fan girls everywhere.

4. Ewok Cuddles

The ewoks aren't universally beloved, I know. But what's cuter than a grumpy Han Solo cradling a teddy bear?

5. Being On Board With The Force

Han came around to Luke's "hokey religions and ancient weapons," by the end of A New Hope. And if Leia is now a Jedi knight too (fingers crossed), he's definitely still respectful of the Force.

6. Boasting About His Best Girl

The Falcon has a few more decades on it, but you better recognize that Han is 200% sure there still isn't a better ship in the galaxy.

7. Being An Incredible Actor

And a master of disguise.

8. Demonstrating The Only Correct Way To Answer Someone's "I Love You"

This is non-negotiable.

9. Ignoring Probability

The only pro about certain death is ignoring the certainty of it all.

10. Being An Eternal Optimist

The Power Of Positive Thinking, starring Han Solo.

11. And Trusting His Gut

Bad things are definitely going to happen in The Force Awakens, and Han had better anticipate every one of them.

Regardless of what happens to Han Solo in The Force Awakens, I'm beyond excited to have a major part of my childhood back in my life.

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