The Warmest Tights To Wear Underneath Jeans So You Don't Have To Give Up Denim — PHOTOS

Despite the unseasonably warm weather in many parts of the country this week, winter is coming, and you're going to want to be prepared when it hits. In addition to a weather-proof jacket, a warm scarf, and boots, you're probably going to want to stock up on tights. If you've discovered the magic of using them as a layering tool, you'll know that you literally can't live without them in cold weather. But what you may not know are what the warmest kind of tights to wear underneath jeans are. It's time to up your winter-dressing game this year.

As a girl who grew up between the West Coast and the South, my first winter after moving to NYC was a serious adjustment. Throwing on jeans, even when you're wearing warm socks and a heavy jacket, just won't cut it when it's freezing outside. But that's where tights come in.

While jeans themselves aren't great in cold weather, wearing a pair of tights underneath gives you extra insulation, so you don't have to give up denim altogether in the winter. But it can get pretty darn cold, so you want to make sure you choose the warmest pair of tights possible, which isn't always your go-to drugstore pair. But no worries, I've rounded up seven pairs of warmer tights to shop so you can wear jeans all winter long.

1. Velvet

Cotton Velvet; $67;

These velvet tights are durable, stretchy enough to wear under pants, and they last, so you won't have to buy a new pair every year.

2. Wool

SmartWool; $35.21;

Wool is breathable, so you won't have to worry about getting too hot and stuffy when you go inside in the heat.

3. Cashmere

Cashmere Tights; $58;

They're basically like a cozy sweater for your legs.

4. Knit

Cable Knit Tights; $14.50;

Knit tights will keep you warm in the cold, and are super soft and cozy.

5. X-Temp

X-Temp Tights Plus Size; $10.99;

X-Temp Technology adapts to your body temperature, so as your activity level changes throughout the day, you'll still be comfortable and not too hot or too cold.

6. Opaque

Wolford Mat Opaque 80 Plus Size; $61;

If you want a basic, opaque pair of tights, make sure you go with one that is completely opaque, like Wolford 80, for extra warmth.

7. Fleece-Lined

Xhilaration; $10;

Nothing says cozy like a pair of fleece-lined tights.

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