Tom Hiddleston Narrates The ‘High-Rise' Trailer

by Emily Lackey

As if the world needed more reasons to get excited for the release of High-Rise , the film starring Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons. But when the new trailer for High-Rise was released on Monday, it delivered in a way that was more than any of us could have dreamed of. Namely because it features Tom Hiddleston’s super sexy voice narrating the entire thing. As if the world needed more reasons to love Tom Hiddleston. So, if you’re a fan of Tom Hiddleston and have often thought about how amazing it would be to have the actor narrate a movie, a television show, hell, maybe even your entire life, then look no further. This movie trailer for High-Rise is the stuff of your vocal-loving dreams.

Plus, it’s made exponentially better by having Tom Hiddleston’s voice doing all the talking. Because, even if what he’s selling is creepy, he makes it seem somehow unbearably delightful. Maybe it’s the British accent? Maybe it’s the inflection that tends to lull the viewer into buying whatever this man is selling? Or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the man of your dreams doing the talking. Either way, even if Hiddles is just talking about a building, there is plenty in this trailer to make any Hiddlestoner go crazy.

1. It Makes This World All The More Classy

Something about that British accent makes even the most terrifying of places seem completely refined.

2. It Makes Us Believe This Place Is Paradise

Because there’s an authority to his voice that is completely unmatched.

3. It Traps Us A Little

In all the good ways that one can be trapped by Tom Hiddleston.

4. When He Gets All Breathy

Especially when he says “Ever thought there could be a better way?” Yes, we have Hiddleston, and that better way is obviously with you.

5. When He Raises His Voice Just A Little

And you can tell he’s excited about the place.

6. When He Spouts Off The Details Of The Building

And it makes you completely miss just how outdated this place really is.

7. When He Says “Spa”

Because I wanted to rewind that over and over again just to listen to his soft A’s all day long.

8. Because It’s Soothing

So soothing in fact that you miss the, “There is almost no reason to leave.” Guys, that means there is definitely a reason to leave, so don’t be too lulled by this brilliant man’s voice, OK?

9. When He Says “Fall In Love”

And you want him to say that forever, to you, in this building, no matter how terrifying the trailer may make it seem.

Now excuse me while I go listen to just the audio from this trailer on repeat with nothing else to but dream of Hiddles beside me.

Image: Giphy (9)