12 Things To Do If You Don't Celebrate Christmas

Everywhere you turn, Christmas is afoot. People's houses are draped head to toe in flickering lights, shopping malls have busted out every festive storefront decoration known to mankind, and television commercials keep playing engagement ads. Basically, we are all Santa's willing accomplices for the next few weeks.

But what if you are not exactly the Christmas type? By that I mean you either do not celebrate it because you are not Christian, or because you just don't celebrate Christmas in general. I've always wanted to have a very traditional Christmas holiday, but being Jewish nixed that idea right out of the gate. Instead of one morning of presents under a tree I would receive gifts on eight nights of Hanukkah, a holiday whose proper spelling we as a society still haven't agreed on. And what a bummer that almost every fun place is closed on Christmas.

But don't you worry. If on this Christmas you won't be celebrating in the traditional sense, there are still ways for you to spend your vacation days and have an awesome time. I've been looking for an alternative to chestnuts roasting by an open flame, and I think I have come up with some substantial ones:

1. Destination Vacation

Since you have a few days off, why not take a vacation somewhere tropical? Winter break doesn't have to be all about staying in with hot cocoa.

2. Hike

Get in touch with nature. It's free and good for your health. Hike some trails or just walk around in general.

3. National Parks

Why not rent a cabin with some friends and just barricade yourselves away from everyone else? This way you can combine vacation and hiking with the added luxury of a giant house in the woods. Here's a list of the best National Parks to visit at Christmas.

4. Chinese Food

This one is no brainer for any of my fellow Jewish friends out there. Nothing says Christmas like Chinese food.

5. Movie Theaters

Luckily for all of us, movie theaters seems to stay open on the holidays for the sole purpose of making my life amazing. As a former movie theater employee I will say that the holidays are the worst and everyone should be a lot nicer to each other. So to that lady that made me cry on Thanksgiving for not giving her a free bag of popcorn, you're terrible, and we will all have lots of fun at the movies this holiday season DESPITE YOU.

6. Volunteer

Why not get some good karma going and volunteer for a charity or drive on your day off? This way you will feel like you did something positive AND it's a tax write-off.

7. Hotel Room

If you're going to be alone, why not do it in someone else's house? As in, why not eat an entire pizza your yourself and not have to clean up after? This is your solution.

8. Family

Just because you aren't celebrating a certain type of holiday doesn't mean you can't just sit back with your loved ones.

9. Casino

Atlantic City or Vegas. Where gambling never sleeps. Everyone else already wasted their money buying gifts — now you can join in on the magic by wasting yours, too!

10. Bars

As your last resort, head to the nearest open bar. This is one of the last on the list because I don't usually recommend it. BUT if you and your friends decided to party hard, why not. I say, you do you!

11. Bake

This way, you can get some treats ready for the post holiday season. Also — nothing is quite as nice as a freshly baked cookie, no matter what you're celebrating or not celebrating this season.

12. Read

And last but certainly my favorite...reading. If you have a book you wanted to catch up on, but you are constantly waiting for the right time, THIS IS IT. A whole two days where you can curl up and read a nice long book you've been setting aside, and the general public will feel too guilty to bother you because it's ~Christmas~. I'm getting happy just thinking about it.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you get to do at least some of these on this Christmas.

Images: Giphy (14), Pexels