Rihanna Album ‘Anti’ May Include A Sia Song, But When Will The Album Drop?

One day, we will all look back on the pre -ANTI era and chuckle a knowing, relaxed chuckle. “Remember all of those Rihanna Google Alerts we set?” we’ll ask each other over warm cups of chamomile tea as we pull up ANTIon our iPhones. “And remember when we convinced ourselves the 'FourFiveSeconds' singer was going to surprise us with the album at the album art release party? And remember when we were certain she was going to surprise us with the album on Black Friday? And remember when we saw the first ad for ANTIdiaRY.com and assumed that meant she was going to surprise us with the album after the American Music Awards? And remember when Sia said Rihanna was still looking around for ANTIsongs the very month we thought the 27-year-old pop star would surprise us with the album once and for all? We started to feel like a bunch of Vladamirs and Estragons, didn't we?"

I cannot wait for that day.

So when will Godot, er, ANTIfinally drop? I sure don't know. It's the Great Pop Mystery of 2015! Queen Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been working on her eighth full length album for some time now, and just when we thought we might hear ANTI sooner rather than later, Queen Sia Furler dashes our dreams. Last week, the Australian singer-songwriter gave BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley an update on ANTI (via NME):

The other night, [Rihanna] came over and listened to half of 25 songs I played her because she’s still looking for songs for her new album … She was there clearly to listen to songs and see if there was anything she was into. It was a business meeting for sure … She took four [songs], but I don’t know if they’ll end up— I’m pretty sure I have one on the next album, but I don’t know if I’ll end up with more than that.

I could start freaking out at the "she's still looking for songs" remark, but I won't. I won't let my impatience spiral out of control. I won't start to wonder if we'll ever get to listen to this album. I won't start to worry that this is all a prank. I won't start to worry that this is all a hallucination. I won't tense up. I won't give up. Never will I ever give up on Queen RiRi.

Instead, I will remain calm. "Maybe Rih didn't have all of her songs when she met with Sia," I will tell myself, "but maybe she has all of the songs now. Maybe she and her team are just putting the finishing touches on it. Maybe ANTI will be here before we can say 'Don't act like you forgot.'"

You know what else I will do? Listen to "Diamonds" on repeat and think about how stoked I am that the unstoppable pairing of RiRi and SiSi are back at it again. It's as the old saying goes: A Sia-penned Rihanna track is always worth the wait.