Proof Rihanna & Drake Are Music's Biggest Trolls

by Alex Kritselis

Rihanna and Drake have kept the world guessing about the nature of their relationship for years, and many fans not-so-secretly hope they'll one day become a couple. After all, they make beeyoootiful music together. (Mark my words, their 2010 smash hit "What's My Name" will be the first dance at my wedding.) I've never been one to obsess over celebrities' romantic lives, but recently, I stumbled upon what is perhaps the single most compelling reason for why Rihanna and Drake should spend their lives together (and it has nothing to do with how cute they look in pictures): they're both big trolls. Huge!

Think about it: We've been hearing about Rihanna's forthcoming new album, ANTI , and Drake's forthcoming new album, Views From the 6 , for what feels like thousands of years now... and yet, neither project has seen the light of day. There have been many, many rumored release dates for the LPs over the last several months, but Rihanna and Drake refuse to take pity on their respective music-starved fan bases and make some sort of official announcement. And here's the kicker: They both seem to be... enjoying this?

Case in point: Below is a short video of Rihanna on the red carpet at her second annual Diamond Ball charity event in Los Angeles on Thursday. When asked by an Entertainment Tonight reporter when ANTI is coming out, she responded, "The album is coming soon," before promptly scampering away, leaving the Navy to wallow in pain and uncertainty for yet another day.


Similarly, Drake told The Fader that Views From the 6 would arrive "imminently" (to be clear, that means, like, really, really soon) at the end of September. Nearly three months later, it's nowhere to be found!


Both stars put out new tunes in 2015, leading many poor souls (myself included) to believe their new albums were just around the corner. But alas, we were just getting...


Yes, although Rihanna dropped three new songs this year — "FourFiveSeconds," "American Oxygen," and "Bitch Better Have My Money" — ANTI still hasn't made its grand entrance. And though Drake dropped two new mixtapes this year — If You're Reading This It's Too Late and What a Time to Be AliveViews From the 6 still hasn't shown its ugly mug.

All of that being said, it's clear that Rihanna is the troll-ier half of this dynamic duo. At the end of November, the 27-year-old singer launched ANTIdiaRY.com, a website that was supposedly designed to tease the impending release of ANTI. Unfortunately, NOBODY KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON. Three weeks have passed, and all fans have gotten is a bunch of weird video clips. We don't seem to be any closer to the album's premiere (and if we are, we don't know it, because NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HOW TO USE THE SITE). Will ANTI debut before the end of 2015? Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.

According to Billboard, the latest buzz is that Views From the 6 could be here on Jan. 6, 2016. (As usual, Drizzy's lips are sealed.) Is it true? Will Drake's much-anticipated opus debut at the top of next year? I'm not going to hold my breath.

Rihanna and Drake are a match made in trolling heaven. They're troll-mates! May their mutual love of trolling bring them together someday soon (and may their long-awaited albums grace our ears, you know, eventually).

Images: RihannaDaily/Twitter; Giphy (2); Alex Kritselis/Bustle