Even If Jordan Smith Doesn't Win 'The Voice' Title, He'll Still Be A Star

A fan favorite since the moment he walked onto the The Voice stage, Jordan Smith has captivated a nation this season. Once he opened his mouth and let that, well, voice of his come out, we all turned our chairs in complete awe. Since that spectacular moment, Jordan has simply become better and better as his weeks on the show progressed. He has so much working for him, so I remain convinced that even if he doesn't take the The Voice crown, Jordan will definitely walk away from The Voice a star.

He's not the oldest contestant and he's not the youngest, but his place in the middle may actually help him in the long run. He's got the youth necessary to physically keep up and keep on trend and he's got the experience and charisma of a seasoned performance veteran. Jordan may be highly favored to win the entire contest but let's be honest, he doesn't necessarily need this win to secure his career and his place in music. I think this competition really gave him the foot in the door to get his face and his beautiful voice in front of an incredibly large audience.

Sure, he will most likely win and it sure would be nice but here's why Jordan will be just fine either way.

He's Been Doing This A Long Time

He may only be 22 years old, but this guy has already paid some of his dues. He has been singing gospel music in front of large audiences for a long time and is even a part of a singing group at Lee University where he goes to school.

Music Is In His Blood

According to an interview with The Lexington Herald-Ledger, Jordan expressed how music was a integral part of his family life while he was growing up, saying, "I think our family's love of music and how musical our home was (we would sing in the car together, sing in the shower and when I went to bed at night) it was just kind of like a very important part of our life as family."

He Has A Great Support System

Jordan seems to have a highly loving and supportive family. That alone will take him a long way. He also has the added bonus of having a girlfriend that clearly loves and supports him through thick and thin as well.

His Voice Is Unique

One thing has always been true of Jordan's talent... his voice is nothing you can place. It's unique and beautiful in a way that fans have never heard before. A voice that special doesn't come around often and the world won't let it slip into obscurity.

A star was born on the night that he sang at his blind audition, and I still think Jordan will officially take the title. But, even if he doesn't, he'll be just fine.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC