'Saved By The Bell's Mr. Belding Finally Graduates From College, But He Didn't Need A Degree To Teach Us These Lessons

Dennis Haskins, aka our very own Mr. Belding of Saved By The Bell has graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, finishing up his degree at last. In a statement on the University's website, Haskins said, “From the incredible success of Saved By The Bell , other quality acting roles, the books I’ve written, and even UTC Distinguished Alumni in 2000, there’s always been something missing for me — my college degree." Despite being awarded an honorary degree by UTC (Mr. Belding deserves all of the degrees, after all), Haskins completed all of the credits he needed to take home his degree for reals.

Haskins commitment to completing his education is totally cute, and shows us all why he made such an amazing Principal of Bayside High for all those years. Not only did he teach Zack Morris and co. some all-important life lessons, but Mr. Belding served as the voice of reason to the audience too. A real fan favorite, Saved By The Bell viewers will always hold a special place in their hearts for one-of-a-kind TV Principal Belding. With or without his college degree, Dennis Haskins taught me everything I know. Here are some of the most important lessons.

1. Give Advice And Guidance Where You Can

Mr. Belding was amazing at giving important advice, and helping to guide his students in the right direction. He was always ready to listen when anyone had a problem.

2. Keep Informed About Current Events

Sure, he didn't always get it right, but Mr. Belding tried to keep up with what was going on around Bayside. This way, he could look out for his students and help them to problem solve.

3. Have A Sense Of Humor

Mr. Belding could always take a joke. Did he enjoy Zack making fun of him? No. But he handled it with grace. Because he's cool!

4. Always Keep Your Office On Fleek

Belding probably should have noticed he had a Screech in his filing cabinet. But, aside from this, Belding's office was an important place where students could go if they needed advice.

5. Be Proud Of Your Smooth Moves

Mr. Belding reveled in the fact that he wasn't always the coolest, and wasn't afraid to put on a performance or an event.

6. Continue Adding To Your Résumé

Not just a great Principal, but also a great waiter at The Max, and an ordained minister (for the purposes of an assignment, anyway).

7. Be Relationship Positive

Mr. Belding was always super cute when it came to his significant other, and we could all learn a lot from this behavior.

8. Work On Your Patience

To put up with Zack Morris's hijinks, Mr. Belding had to be patient at all times.

9. Develop Longevity In Your Chosen Field

Dennis Haskins embraced the icon-status his character achieved, and continues to act the part for fans. It's a real lesson in longevity.

Dennis Haskins is a legend, and we couldn't be happier that he graduated! Congratulations, sir!

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