7 Ways To Prevent Chafing If Your Skin Is On The Delicate Side — PHOTOS

All my fellow ladies with sensitive skin, put your hands up! This article is all about the best ways to prevent chafing in the winter (and beyond) if your skin is on the delicate side. While summer might be a huge season for chafing, cold weather, underwear and tights, and long walks to holiday parties can all contribute to one seriously uncomfortable rubbing problem.

Full disclosure: I've always had chafing issues in my groin area and it's one of the top reasons I normally go commando. Let's just say the panty pain struggle is real. My passion for tights, thermals, and yoga pants paired with the fact that I live in Manhattan and walk at least five miles a day concludes that the likelihood I'll end up with totally raw upper inner thighs is like, 110 percent in winter.

While this was a rude awakening last year, I've fortunately gotten a little wiser and more experienced in how to avoid chafing during the winter months. With a little planning, a little TLC for your legs, and a slight wardrobe overhaul, even gals with the most sensitive skin can kiss winter chafing goodbye.

1. Swipe On Deodorant Everyday To Keep Things Dry Down There

Nourish Organic Deodorant Cream, $10, Amazon

Good Housekeeping advised swiping your inner thighs and groin with deodorant to keep things smooth and dry down there to avoid chafing. You know what? It totally works! Make sure the deodorant you're using is hypo-allergenic to avoid any weird reactions.

2. Use Anti-Chafing Balm Before Working Out

Body Glide Anti-Chafing Balm, $10, Amazon

Anti-chafing balm is like a hybrid between deodorant and vaseline that creates a shield between you and the elements. If you're a runner like me, you definitely don't want to skip coating your inner thighs with it before sprinting around in freezing temps.

3. Try Talcum Powder

Johson & Johnson Baby Powder, $9, Amazon

When you're in a pinch and don't have deodorant or anti-chafing balm, plain and simple talcum powder (aka baby powder) will keep you dry and smooth.

4. Wear Seamless Undies

Little Hip Huggers, $13, Victoria's Secret

The seams in traditional undies can press and rub against your groin as you power walk, leading to serious ouch-inducing chafing. Try out a pair of seamless undies to protect your skin.

5. Rock Boxers

Xhilaration Woven Boxer Shorts, $10, Target

Another alternative to annoying underwear with seams is to just rock boxers. If you've never tried them, they're seriously SO freeing. Who knows, they might even inspire you to leap into the world of commando bliss.

6. Buy Wicking Thermals

C9 Champion Lightweight Thermal Leggings, $6, Target

In cold temps, you definitely don't want to avoid thermals altogether. Instead of cotton that traps moisture and promotes the dreaded rubbing, always make sure yours feature wicking material.

7. Step Away From The Razor

Shaving down there can lead to razor burn which, when rubbed against too-tight clothing, can cause a chafing nightmare. If you want to stay safely smooth down there this winter, consider laser hair removal or waxing.

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