How To Buy Jaclyn Hill's BECCA Highlighter, Because You Can Still Scoop Up Champagne Pop

Six months have passed since YouTube beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill announced her collaboration with BECCA cosmetics. So whether you missed the date, forgot about the collab (how could you?!), or just simply haven't gotten your hands on it just yet, you may be wondering: can I still buy Jaclyn Hill x BECCA's "Champagne Pop" highlighter? If this is you, you may just be in luck.

Champagne Pop is still available, but it is limited edition, so bare that in mind. The highlight is exclusively sold through Sephora and on, so that's pretty much where you'll need to look if you want to add the shimmering, gold/peach highlight to your collection (trust me, you do). If you haven't purchased it yet, are looking to snag a backup (or a million), or want to gift it to a loved one this holiday season, you can still find it both in store and online — but I'd act fast! This is likely to be a "while supplies last" situation. still has Champagne Pop in stock for $38, and while the product may be harder to come by in stores, the 25-year-old Hill Instagrammed a photo of herself in Sephora standing next to a Champagne Pop display about a week ago, so there's definitely a chance you can find it at your nearest location. Use's handy "Find In Store" feature or call up your local Sephora to find out whether it's in stock before making the trek.

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, Champagne Pop, $38,

The highlight was also released as part of the Champagne Glow palette from the brand's holiday line-up, paired with two equally enchanting shades. Unfortunately, the gorgeous trio is sold out, but you can still pick up all three shades — Champagne Pop, Pearl, and Blushed Copper — in full-sized versions if you wanted to recreate that Champagne Glow magic.

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

You can always hold out for Jaclyn Hill's own makeup line, which is set to launch in 2016, according to Refinery 29. The first collection by this guru is bound to be beautiful, and although the debut will include a set of lipsticks, I'm sure that drop-dead-gorgeous highlighting powders are bound to follow.

Still, I wouldn't miss out on Champagne Pop if I were you! Since it's release, Champagne Pop has been a sensation. As part of BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector range, the peachy gold powder, which is a universally flattering highlight, became Sephora's most-purchased item on the day it was released. Clearly, this is a covetable product, so we're lucky that it's still available. Still, it won't be around forever, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to your nearest Sephora and stock up!

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Image: JaclynHill/YouTube, Sephora