'The Last Kingdom' Season 2 Is Officially On & What Should We Expect?

Great news for fans of The Last Kingdom. It's finally been confirmed that The Last Kingdom has been renewed a second season, and it will film in 2016. Bernard Cornwell, author of books The Saxon Stories on which the TV show is based, tweeted, "So there WILL be another series of #TheLastKingdom The adventure doesn't end!" The show airs on BBC America, and while Season 1 wrapped up on Nov. 28, fans have been keen to find out the fate of the show.

There had been high hopes amongst fans that The Last Kingdom would make it to Season 2, particularly as there are nine books in The Saxon Stories series so far. If the show didn't return for a follow-up, there would be so many stories left unresolved and unexplored. Which is why it's amazing news that viewers will be able to find out what happens to Uhtred son of Uhtred son of Uhtred (bloodlines are important, yo!) when the show returns. Currently, it's predicted that Season 2 of The Last Kingdom will air in 2017 — so while it's awesome news that the show has been renewed, fans now have a wait on their hands to find out what happens next. It might be time to add the book series to your Christmas list now and get reading pronto.

The Guardian spoke to author of The Last Kingdom , Cornwell, who said, “It’s about the origins of England, how these different kingdoms come together, and it is told through the eyes of this fictitious character, bringing in ideas of revenge, identity and quest, mixing that with real history.” In the age of Game of Thrones fandom, it's not really surprising that an English historical drama has also found avid viewers. Although Cornwell is keen to play the Game of Thrones comparisons down, saying, “I can’t see anything else we have in common. This is rooted in reality. And even though Uhtred didn’t exist as I have written it, there is always that big story (of Alfred and his son Athelstan) in the background." While it's true that The Last Kingdom is based on historical events and Game of Thrones is fictional (though untrue that Alfred had a son named Athelstan), it's certainly true that audiences enjoy seeing warring families battling one another, fighting over land and gains.

As we await news of imminent renewals and cancellations, at least we can all breathe a sigh of relief that The Last Kingdom will be back, with more stories about Vikings for everyone to enjoy!

Editor's Note: Alfred's son was actually called Edward, not Athelstan as Cornwall noted in his interview with The Guardian. This article has been updated from its original version to note this error.