Guess When The Last Full Moon Of 2015 Is?

"'Twas the night of Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except maybe a mouse because it was a full moon and animals act weird during those sometimes." There, I fixed it. We're all set for Christmas, which happens to coincide with the last full moon of 2015. What exactly does a full moon on Dec. 25 mean for us this year? And how can we best celebrate it? Good news: I've got answers for you.

Honestly, folks, it's been a pretty weird year, cosmically speaking. There was a blue moon, a blood moon, a super moon, a few lunar eclipses, and now this: The first time a full moon has fallen on Christmas since 1977. Woof. I'm tired. (But I bet Wiccans are even more tired than I am.)

December's full moon is traditionally known as the Cold Moon, marking the time of the year when the nights are long, dark. and, you know, cold. Astrologically-speaking, this full moon falls under the sign of Cancer, with Uranus turning direct on the same day. You may feel an intense urge to connect with friends and family (which is great, because there's a good chance you'll all be stuffed under one roof), and address things in your personal life that you've been neglecting (which is great preparation for the new year). Uranus turning direct also marks a growing sense of rebellion, of freedom, of self-expression, and the desire to enact changes. Which is great also. Everything is great.

2016, you terrify me in a lot of ways, but maybe you'll be great, too.

Because obviously there is not enough celebration already happening on Dec. 25, here are a few more ways to ring in the New Year, the end of 2015, Christmas, and the Full Moon.

1. Set Your 2016 Intentions Now

Don't wait until Dec. 31, because let's be real, you will probably be hungover or tipsy or both. Take a little time for yourself, away from the family and the tinsel and the shiny new gifts, and really think about some positive changes you want to make for yourself this upcoming year. What would make you happier? What would make you stronger?

2. Let Your Loved Ones Know Just How Much They're Loved

Yes, I know this sounds very much like a Hallmark Channel movie, but think about the last time someone told you how much you mean to them. Pretty awesome feeling, right? Now's the time. Be sappy. Write thank you notes for every present.

3. Donate Your Stuff

You're getting new stuff; you do not need all the new stuff and all the old stuff; and other people need stuff, period. Especially if it's cold weather or waterproof stuff. Socks are especially great. So are hats, gloves, and coats. Get your friends or family involved and make it a huge donation.

4. Take A Midnight Walk

Who knows what the weather is going to be like, because I'm in Chicago right now and people are running outside shirtless and it's a mess. Maybe there will be snow; maybe there will be mud; but either way, the moon will be beautiful, and you should step out — if only for a few minutes — to really see it.

Images: Guian Bolisay/Flickr; Giphy (5)