New 'PLL' Posters Have Us Asking Serious Questions

It's felt like an eternity since the first half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 aired, and with the second half of the season just around the corner (Jan. 16!), I legitimately can't contain my excitement at the newly unveiled Pretty Little Liars Season 6B posters courtesy of E! News.

Five years can mark big changes in anyone's life, but especially during the turbulent teen-to-twenties years which the Liars Squad will be seen skipping past for the second half of Season 6. With a riduclous amount of shared traumatic experiences between them, it seems perfectly natural that they might still be carrying a fair bit of baggage around and might not be thinking too favourably on the idea of spending much time in Rosewood ever again. Even more upsetting is the idea that some of our favourite couples might not have survived those years: Just what is a Caleb without a Hanna?

Contingent with PLL's habit for making us all scratch our heads from the get go, the new posters have me asking more questions than ever. Combining them with the few scraps of details that we know about the time jump so far (namely from ABC Family's Flash-Forward special), let's put our finest Ezra Fitz thinking face on and get to theorizing:

A Funeral Scene, But Who's In The Casket?

Firstly, let's admire the fact that the Liars Squad have continued their penchant for eyebrow raising funeral attire with the above killer ensembles. I use the word killer pretty figuratively and literally there because if there's one thing we know about Pretty Little Liars, it's that there's always a deeply buried secret somewhere and the possibility of a murderer amongst the ranks.

But just who is in the casket? And furthermore, is this funeral used as the fuse which reunites the squad and brings those who got as far away from Rosewood as possible back to the town they were trying to run from? It certainly seems likely.

Alison DiLaurentis

One person who definitely stayed in Rosewood is Alison, who after the time jump is now married and teaching at Rosewood high. But there's another twist to her character — she has not only been spending a lot of time with Charlotte (aka A), but she is wanting the Liars back in town to testify that the person who ruined their lives for so many years is no longer a threat to their existence. Will the girls be willing to forgive and forget so easily? And just why would Charlotte need her innocence defending, in the first place?

Hanna Marin

Firstly, that dress is amazing and combined with that confident glare, it looks as though Hanna may have spent those five years doing some serious growing up and owning her maturity. As Ashley Benson revealed during the Flash-Forward special, Hanna and Caleb didn't work out, but the character did happen to do a lot of traveling (always good for the soul) and also happened to meet her future fiancée in the process. But this is Haleb we're taking about! Tyler Blackburn revealed that Caleb has "anxiety" over seeing her again, which only makes me think that they'll definitely be sharing some uncomfortable screen time together; but will the two of them rekindle their romance?

Aria Montgomery

I don't know about you but I'm going to be shipping Ezria 'till my dying day, which makes the fact that their romance is still not quite happening pretty difficult to bare. Still, Aria looks confident and determined in her poster pose, which fits perfectly with her new flourishing career in publishing (and new boyfriend/workmate, Liam! Boo!). And Ezra? He just so happens to work in the same place, too, though Ian Harding divulged that the character has fallen into "a sea of alcohol." Whether the two of them manage to ever work it out is yet to be seen, but one things for sure, those elements are adding up to some seriously dangerous chemistry.

Emily Fields

Throughout PLL, Emily has been the one character who hasn't handled tragedy or trauma well at all, spiraling into drink or uncharacteristic behaviors when the going gets tough. Five years from when we last saw her, Emily has dealt with the death of her father by dropping out of school and becoming a bartender. If her poster is anything to go by then Emily might be taking a wild, party girl route away from heartbreak, grief and the upsetting experiences of her past. Will something happen which will force Emily to face her demons and summon a newly-found inner strength to cope with it? If the casket poster is any indication then it looks likely.

Spencer Hastings

Seriously, this poster is exactly the sort of glamorous headshot that you could expect from an academic success story such as Spencer (I can totes see it being used on the back of a gigantic hard back bestseller), who incidentally, might also be heading into a career in politics. Spencer looks like the character who's changed the least amount during the five years of the time jump, which isn't surprising considering that she was always wise beyond her years and smart (and witty!) as a whip. Hopefully her political know-how won't need to be used to help anyone get out of any tricky situations with the state, but her influential position (and that of her mom, who is apparently running for senate!) certainly seems to be set up for something.

We've only got a few weeks left until the PLL 6B premiere and I can't wait, you guys. Life is about to get very interesting and mysterious again.

Images: ABC Family