Here's How Holiday Stress Affects Your Sex Life

by Kristine Fellizar

When you’re traveling during the holiday season, stress just seems inevitable. After all, you have to deal with overly crowded airports and traffic, how can you not be stressed out around the holidays? In a new study, Yahoo Travel surveyed 1,000 Americans who will be traveling over the next month to gain some insight into the stresses of holiday travel and how it affects their love lives.

According to the survey, just over one in three Americans plan to travel during the holiday season either in-state, to another state, or internationally. Driving is the most popular travel method this December followed by plane. Nearly half of Millennials are traveling, though their plans are more likely controlled by their parents, siblings, or friends.

From who’s more likely to give up sex in order to enjoy a stress-free holiday to whether or not getting it on in someone else’s bed is OK, here’s what Yahoo Travel found about how holiday stress affects our relationships and sex lives.

1. In Order To Reduce Holiday Stress, 18 Percent Of People Will Try Being Romantic With Their Partner

About 27 percent of people will pray to reduce stress, while 22 percent will resort to drinking alcohol.

2. About 9 Percent Of People Say Dealing With Family Is The Largest Holiday Stressor

The number one holiday stressor is bad weather followed by traffic.

3. In Exchange For A Stress-Free Holiday, 17 Percent Of People Would Give Up Sex

When it comes to giving up sex, women (21 percent) are more likely than men (13 percent) to give up sex. In general, one in five millennials would be willing to give up sex in order to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

4. 39 Percent Of Traveling Americans Feel Somewhat Or Very Comfortable Having Sex In The House Of A Friend Or Family Member

Men (46 percent) were found to be much more comfortable about it than women (27 percent). In fact, 60 percent of women say having sex in someone else’s house would make them very uncomfortable.

5. More Single People Use Alcohol As A Crutch

In fact, 27 percent of singles admit to using alcohol as a crutch this holiday season in comparison to 19 percent of married people. Maybe to avoid these conversations?

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