Will 'The Force Awakens' Really Do This?!

The world is pulsating with excitement as the release date for The Force Awakens draws closer and closer. There hasn't been this much hype surrounding a movie ever — not even with the original trilogy. There was some great anticipation with The Phantom Menace, but that didn't exactly turn out the way everyone wanted. However, The Force Awakens is a totally different story. The energy surrounding the movie is positive, optimistic, and hopeful. You might even say that the force was strong with director J.J. Abrams. As I do with all movies of this caliber, I remain cautiously optimistic, but even so, I have some big fears about The Force Awakens . My worries aren't in regards to the movie being a disaster, but I am scared that things that I don't want to happen are going to happen.

The world has remained ignorant to everything about the movie, which is a good thing. There has been little information revealed in regards to the film's plot — fans have seen images and know just general details about the characters and their stories. It's been frustrating, but the less people know, the more they are going to want to see it. And to quote Carrie Bradshaw, "Isn't delayed gratification the definition of maturity?" Still, I have some fears about the future of my beloved characters, such as:

1. Luke Skywalker Is The Bad Guy

Out of all rumors surrounding The Force Awakens , this is the biggest — and I'm worried that it might be true. I don't know what I would do with myself if Luke went to the Dark Side, so please let it not happen.

2. Han Solo Dies

This is another rumor that has been floating about and all I have to say is, NO. I refuse to believe that this will happen to the beloved Han Solo. But let's be real — the odds of it happening are 50/50.

3. Princess Leia Dies

The reason why I am fearing all this death is because it totally could happen. Plus, if you watch Game of Thrones or anything by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Avengers), you know that killing favorite characters is a thing often done to keep things interesting. That is why my paranoia is high, and I am scared that Leia may be in danger.

4. Finn Or Rey Get Seduced By The Dark Side

These two kids seem too kind to move over to the Dark Side, but there is a probability that one of them might go the way of Darth Vader. It would be devastating if it happened. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they stay on the Light Side.

5. The Villains Will Meet Their Demise

I know it's weird that I don't want Kylo Ren or Supreme Leader Snoke to die, but like any other characters, they need a chance to develop so that we can grow attached to him — even if it is a bad attachment. This way, when they do meet their demise down the road, it'll be much more satisfying. If a villain is on-screen for just a hot minute and he/she dies, it doesn't give the audience enough time to hate him/her. It happened with Darth Maul, and I would hate to see it happen to Kylo or Snoke.

6. Not Enough Maz Kanata

My fear of a lack of Lupita Nyong'o's character, Maz Kanata, is also based on rumors floating around (damn you, internet). Unofficial reports have been saying that Maz Kanata's part in The Force Awakens has been drastically cut down. I am praying to the Jedis above that this is not true. How can you cut out one of the biggest stars in the world? It just doesn't make sense.

7. Jar Jar Binks Makes A Cameo

During The Force Awakens press conference, Kathleen Kennedy said that there will be no Jar Jar Binks in this movie — but I have a suspicion that they might be just fooling us. What if someone managed to sneak him into a scene? This is probably my biggest fear... and it should be yours, too.

If any of these fears become a reality, I might need some major intergalactic therapy.

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