Where's Jenna On 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6? Her Absence Is Suspicious

It's been quite a while since the ever-mysterious Jenna Marshall has appeared on Pretty Little Liars and graced our television screens, no? In fact, we've caught nary a glimpse of Rosewood's most suspicious Liar rival since she was super suspicious with Sydney Driscoll at Ali's Winter Ball during the ghostly Season 5 Christmas special. That means she's been effectively MIA for a good 17 episodes now — so what gives? She's missed out on everything from Ali's stint in the women's correctional facility to all the Dollhouse madness to all of the latest Charles drama-rama. And hey, "She's No Angel" saw the return of Spencer's old sobriety coach Dean Stavros and Mona's suspiciously authoritarian "friend" Lesli Stone — so could Jenna be next?

Well, actress Tammin Sursok recently confirmed in a TMZ video that she'd be returning to Rosewood — someday. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when (or how), so it's tough to say whether we'll be seeing Jenna in any of the episodes leading up to the summer finale, or if we won't see her again until after the time jump in Season 6B. That said, I'd bet money that Jenna's somehow involved in the endgame. Whether or not she ends up being one of the major players remains to be seen, but honestly, she was there on the night it all started, and I'd be genuinely surprised if she didn't up factoring in.

There are roughly a gajillion unanswered questions currently up in the air (yeah, I think we can all agree that the #SummerofAnswers is definitely not delivering yet), and quite a few of them have to do with Jenna: Where has she been? What was up with all of the twinning with Sydney? And what about Alison's army? What could Jenna have been up to this whole time? Here are a few possibilities.

She's Been Planning Something With Sydney

We still have no idea what was behind all of that Sydney strangeness (or why they tried to make it seem like she and Emily were a thing, TBH), but chances are, wherever Jenna is, so is Sydney.

...Who Could Be Black Veil

Jenna is, unfortunately, officially off the Black Veil suspect list — namely, because Black Veil sat right behind her at the funeral. You know who's still one of the Black Veil frontrunners, though? Sydney — after all, she's hecka mysterious, plus, as Tumblr user prettylittleliarstheorie-s points out, she fits the silhouette pretty darn well (almost as well, in fact, as fellow Black Veil suspect Ashley Marin).

That said, some fans posit that Sydney can't be Black Veil, since showrunner I. Marlene King affirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that we'd seen Black Veil sans veil before, and that was before Sydney was ever introduced as a character. It's a fair point that might bear some weight, but then again, we all know how IMK loves her loopholes.

She Might Have Been Busy Running The A Game

We all know Charles is Big A, but Uber A could still be out there, and who's to say Jenna's not involved? What with the newfound evidence that Black Hoodie is likely a lady, she's back at the top of the unofficial Rosewood's Most Wanted List. Plus, it's tough to keep track of all of the PLL mythos, but in case you forgot, she sexually abused Toby: She forced him to sleep with her, and threatened to tell her parents that he assaulted her (when really it was the other way around) if he refused. Now, that doesn't necessarily connect her to A, but as a commenter on the PLL subreddit so sagely said: "She did sleep with her brother, and lied about being blind, so she is psycho enough to be A I think."

Essentially, her actions don't prove she's A, but they show that she has a very dark side and isn't above blackmail.

Or Maybe She Was Just Laying Low

Who knows? Maybe Jenna was just kicking back and relaxing, since her main enemy Ali, was out of commission for several weeks (you know, when she was in jail). Heck, it could just be the fact that Sursok has a tiny, adorable daughter and wanted to take a break to spend some more time with her.

What do you think Jenna's been up to? Let's just hope she returns to Rosewood soon, so we can finally figure out what all of her cryptic one-liners and general shadiness means! For more A theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast.

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