Will 'Heroes Reborn' Be On Netflix? These 7 Big Moments Need To Be Relived

The return of Heroes has been met with an abundance of fan approval, and a show this rich with mythology is definitely one to re-watch and scrutinize for clues. To rephrase Hiro Nakamura, they did it! So, when will Heroes Reborn be on Netflix? There is no announcement or release date at the moment, but it seems likely that the show will ultimately be on Netflix, since the original Heroes series is already there.

Unfortunately, it may take a while. If I remember from the Parks and Recreation days of yore, NBC seasons don't tend to end up on Netflix until almost a year after they premiere. The final season of that show isn't even online on Netflix yet. We don't even know if Heroes Reborn will have a second season yet — categorizing it as an "event series" gives them license to do whatever they please. The show might get canceled. It might come back with a different name. Everything is all up in the air, basically.

Plus, Season 1 isn't over yet! There are still three episodes left to air in January 2016. Now that I think about it, that's kind of sad. What if Heroes Reborn isn't on Netflix until 2017? At least for now, you can watch every Season 1 episode on Hulu Plus. So, a marathon isn't exactly difficult if you're the streaming type. Here are some clips from the premiere season, or only season, of Heroes Reborn to keep you warm before you wait for news on all of these many fronts.

1. "Too Many Butterflies"

Cue the Mohinder feels...

2. "Save The Cheerleader's Kids, Save The World"

It's a bummer that Hayden Panetierre has not appeared on the event series, but I loved how Claire was still an integral part of the story.

3. "Child On The Run"

Seriously, how cool is Malina Bennet?

4. "Bloodbath In Chicago"

This was when the Heroes Reborn pilot really got going.

5. "Katana Girl Comes To Life"

Another awesome introduction — Miko's power came with an instantly engaging mythology.

6. "The New Master Of Time & Space"

Hiro's not the only one whose powers developed over time. This was a huge moment!

7. "The Fate Of The World's Future"

Finally, here's the preview for the final three episodes in January. What's Tommy going to do? The Heroes Reborn conclusion is going to be epic, to say the least.

Images: Steve Wilkie/NBC