What A 'Fresh Prince' Christmas In 2016 Would Be Like If You Were Invited

Who among you used to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and somehow didn't want to either marry into or get adopted by the Banks family? If you couldn't have Will Smith romantically, being his sibling or cousin would honestly be the next best thing. Even today, the Banks fam is the squad to want to be a part of, as they love each other's goofy hijinks (for the most part), they have a pool, and they are all talented in some way, whether that be Carlton dancing, Hilary reading the news, or Ashley being a hip-hop sensation. At the very least, celebrating Christmas with the Banks family would most certainly be nice. But what would a holiday with the Banks family in 2016 resemble?

I'd expect that they aren't the same goofy group they were in the '90s, as they now surely must be older and wiser. Twenty years of a whacky economy, unfortunate hair style choices, and each of them moving across the country have made them a very different group of people. Even baby Nicky is past college age and entering into the workforce, which is mind-blowing and makes me feel very, very old.

Allow me to surmise what would go down at the Banks family Christmas this year for you.

1. Boyz II Men Is Obviously In Attendance

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Will got Boys 2 Men to attend Nicky's Christmas-themed christening, and they've been coming by ever since. It's gotten to the point that even Will, with all his Philly pride, is like "come on guys, not 'Silent Night' again."

2. The Celebration Goes Down At Carlton's


Now that Phillip is retired, Carlton is the real breadwinner of the family, and he's always down to show that off. So this year, he's hosting the family's Christmas soiree. He will, of course, spend a good deal of the event dancing.

3. Nicky Spends The Whole Time On His Phone


Nicky is a grown-up (!) now, and he is super grouchy that his relationship with his new girlfriend didn't warrant her an invite to the Christmas bash. So he's just going to spend the entire time sending her Snapchats of his disappointed face. That will show them.

4. Geoffrey Skypes In From London


Towards the end of The Fresh Prince, Geoffrey discovers his long lost son, a dashing young Englishman named Frederick. He then moves back to the UK to be with Fred. Geoffrey still wants to be a part of the holiday celebrations with his surrogate family, but also wants to spend it with his classy British gang. So he's gotta Skype in.

5. Phillip Banks Tries To Snag Some Fruit Cake

Mr. Banks will of course not be allowed any sweets due to his diabetes, but that's not going to stop him from trying to sneak some fruit cake. But don't worry guys, Will, as always, is going to be on his case and keep Uncle Phil sweet-free.

6. Ashley And Hilary Share That They're Really Into Yoga


After moving East, both Ashley and Hilary embraced the stressful lifestyle of the Nor'easter. However, they are still California girls at heart and use yoga for relaxation. And, at Christmas, neither of them will stop talking about the benefits. The. Entire. Meal.

7. Aunt Viv Is Played By A Completely Different Actress


And nobody will act like its weird. Except the all-seeing, omnipresent Jazzy Jeff.

Unfortunately, we can't all be a Banks. We've got to spend the holidays with our own lame, non-celebrity, non-Bel-air-living families. Hey, you win some, you lose some. But maybe, just maybe, you can convince your family to have a group viewing of a Fresh Prince Christmas episode. This year, pass around the eggnog, open some presents, and do the Carlton dance all together as a family to some of your favorite holiday jams.


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