Drake’s Response To His Tom Ford Lipstick Selling Out Is Hilarious & Adorable — PHOTO

In case you missed it (or live under a rock), Drake is having a major moment in pop culture. His "Hotline Bling" video is a certified cultural phenomenon and his feud with Meek Mill is all over the news. The last thing I expected was for Drake to enter the world of fashion and beauty, but when it was announced Tom Ford was naming a lipstick after him, I knew it would be insanely popular. Turns out it was, and the Tom Ford Drake lipstick sold out in minutes, which surprised even him.

Yep, Drake didn't expect his lipstick to be as popular as it was. The plum lipstick sold out online in minutes, and is apparently going for $118 on eBay instead of the usual price of $52. And yep, it's sold out in the New York and Chicago Tom Ford boutiques as well, according to Elle. Luckily, the Tom Ford Drake lipstick is likely to be restocked on Net-A-Porter, so Drake fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Despite the crazy fans dying to get their hands on the Drake lipstick, the rapper remained humble when he found out the lipstick sold out so quickly. Check out his hilarious reaction:

The caption on his Instagram post read "My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma." Hilarious, right? I love Drake for using the opportunity to not only show his surprise, but also share with the world that he's close with his mom. Awww.

I for one hope she got at least one tube of the lipstick before it sold out.

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