When Can Fans Expect The Kardashian Xmas Card?

For those of you keeping track at home, Christmas is less than 10 days away. That means time is running out — not only to squeeze in any last-minute shopping, but for the Kardashian family to release their annual holiday card. To be honest, Kelly Clarkson's Game of Thrones Christmas photo already stole the show. Still, I'm counting on the Kardashian-Jenners to step up to the plate and make this their best year yet. The stakes are especially high, considering they didn't release a card last year for the first time ever. Luckily, when a fan asked Kim Kardashian on Twitter, she said, "YES on the Christmas card!" Great news! But when exactly will the reality stars debut their card? Despite my impatience, I did some detective work.

To determine a more realistic timeline, let's look back in time. In 2014, the Kardashians released their Christmas card by Dec. 2, which was pretty early. But in 2012, the card wasn't unveiled until Dec. 18 — so it's definitely not too late. After all, 2015 was an incredibly eventful for Kim, so I'm guessing she's been busy. Maybe the delay is intentional; perhaps the Kardashians were waiting for Saint West to be born first. What better way to unveil Kimye's new baby? Knowing their history with elaborate season's greetings, this would definitely be over-the-top — in the best way possible. A baby picture would be the perfect gift to fans everywhere!

There's also a rumor that Rob Kardashian may be the reason the card is taking awhile. HollywoodLife says that Rob demanded $50,000 to appear in this year's Christmas card. To me, that sounds a bit unbelievable. If he doesn't want to be in the photo, that's fine, but I highly doubt he'd make his family pay him — that's not what the holiday season is about. Back on Thanksgiving, when the rest of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians crew took a photo together, Rob sat that one out. Apparently he did celebrate the holiday, but felt a little camera shy. Fair enough! To me, that also signifies he's not on bad terms with the family.

While it's just a waiting game now, fans are eager for the card's arrival. Some even say it will be unveiled this week, claiming Kim confirmed it herself. (I did some searching, but couldn't find any such confirmation. I'd like to believe it's true, though!) Considering the card came out around this time three years ago, I wouldn't be surprised.

The clock is officially ticking. Here's hoping the card comes out by the end of the week! I can't handle waiting much longer.