Could Adele Expand Her North American Tour?

Adele is saying "hello" to the other side of the pond with a scheduled 56-date tour of North America set to begin this summer. Obviously, this is the greatest thing to happen to North America since Adele's last U.S. visit in 2011, and has given countless people the perfect last-minute Christmas gift ideas. Even with 56 dates and 23 city stops scheduled, that is not nearly enough Adele. Some words of comfort, though: Her European tour tickets sold out so quickly, the Queen of Heartbreak and Beautiful Music graciously added 12 additional tour dates to accommodate fans. Will North America be so lucky? Whether or not Adele adds extra North American tour dates will likely depend on how fast tickets sell when they become available December 17, and whether or not Adele feels like she can take on more performances.

While I truly believe Adele is magical, she is also human and she is going to be hella busy in 2016. The artist is set to begin touring Europe in February with just a small break in May and June before she tours North America straight through November. Add in the requisite interviews and talk show visits, plus the whole having a family and needing to sleep thing, hoping for Adele to expand her North American tour even further might be asking too much.

There is no harm in dreaming though. Another musical queen, Beyoncé, added dates to her tour with husband Jay Z in 2014, so the move is not without precedent among elite artists. Given the anticipation surrounding Adele's North American tour, when the tickets drop they will no doubt ignite a buying frenzy. Come on — this is Adele. If there are any tickets left after 15 minutes of availability that will be a miracle unto itself. While I don't think Adele will be adding a massive number of extra tour dates, if she and her representatives see there is high demand for tickets in North America that isn't being met, she might have mercy on the continent just like she did for Europe.

If you want a ticket to see Adele this summer or next fall, then my advice is to refresh the official ticket page like it is your only job on December 17. And, if you don't get a ticket refrain from cranking up "Someone Like You" and sobbing on your keyboard, for a few days at least. This is the holiday season and if a miracle is going to happen, now is this time. Put your faith in Adele, and even if she doesn't add any extra dates know she still loves North America and wants you all to have nice things — hence the whole creating a flawless album thing.