Here Are The Weirdest Things People Have Seen In Someone's Bedroom

Hooking up with someone obviously involves a lot of intimacy— you’re going to see each other naked; touch each other all over; exchange bodily fluids. You’ll probably chat, dirty talk, and maybe even get some spooning in the mix. But one element of hooking up that’s hella intimate that we don’t really talk about as much is seeing someone's bedroom for the first time. I mean, you can really learn a lot about someone based on how they set up their living space.

I'm super nosy, so back when I was single, this was one of my favorite parts about hooking up with someone new. I loved getting a peek inside their living spaces and their setups definitely influenced whether or not I'd be seeing them again. For example, one guy in New York had walls covered in his own beautiful artwork that was heavily influenced by Aubrey Beardsley and he had a Prince poster over his bed. You can bet that my opinion of him went up exponentially after the first time I saw his apartment.

But not all apartments are as awesome as that guy's was. For example, imagine walking into someone’s apartment to find that it was immaculate, to like, a mentally unstable level. Personally, that would make me a bit concerned. Or, even worse, what if they sleep on a stained mattress on the floor, don’t have any windows, and keep their kitty litter in the corner of the bedroom? (In that case, you should definitely walk right back out again. Seriously. Turn around and go.)

However, those possibilities aren’t even that weird. For the truly weird, let’s turn to reddit (where weird all so often reigns supreme) to a recent thread that asked: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone’s bedroom? Trust me: It gets a lot weirder than kitty litter.

1. "Don't Touch The Owl Parts While I'm Naked"

But is it OK once we get dressed again? Because I'm really digging that skull.

2. A Big Ole Racist Symbol

Bye, Felicia!

3. Air Mattress Sex Is Hard Enough...

I think they both must have been high on more than just fumes...

4. Please Steal This Book

At least he's well read?

5. Backstreet's... Back?

Hope you checked her ID, homey.

6. "I'm A... Slaaaaave... For You...."

That sounds like a very specific kink.

7. When A Headboard Is More Than Just A Headboard

After those first five, though, you know she was into it.

8. Just... Nothing

I mean, as long as there weren't any human skin lamps, I think you're OK?

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