'Doctor Who' Ugly Christmas Sweaters For All Your Geek-Chic Festive Needs

The holiday season is fading fast, and I'm guessing you still need an ugly sweater to wear to all of those festive parties on your calendar. I'm right, aren't I? Now, you could wear that old Santa sweater that's been tucked away in your closet for the past year, or you could try some of these geek-tastic Doctor Who ugly Christmas sweaters. That's right, your favorite 900-year-old time-traveling alien from Gallifrey has been mashed up with the holiday's favorite article of clothing.

Any Doctor Who merchandise is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser, considering how wide a fan-base the show has. I mean, the series has been going strong since 1963 (yes, it's really been on air that long). So, both your parents who watched the series when they were younger, and your cousins who are obsessed with it today are bound to be loving your Time Lord merchandise. It truly is a show that can bring the whole family together.

Whether you're a fan of classic Who or the more modern episodes, there is a sweater out there for you. Take a look at this list of sweaters below featuring everyone's favorite mad man with a box. What else are you going to wear while watching the Christmas Special this year?

1. The Villains

Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater, $28, Gnarly Tees

Perfect mix of Weeping Angels and Cybermen. What could go wrong? (OK, everything.)

2. Snowy Doctor Who

Doctor Who Ugly Sweater, $40, Etsy

All of your favorite Doctor Who characters on one sweater with the perfect Tardis-blue background.

3. Tardis Holiday

Tardis Christmas Sweater, $25, Think Geek

If you're all about the blue time machine, this Christmas sweater is for you.

4. The Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Tardis Police Box Sweatshirt, $39, TV Store

A sweater featuring the doctor's most important tools: the Tardis and the sonic screwdriver.

5. Hark the Weeping Angels

Hark The Weeping Angels Spring, $25, Think Geek

Arguably the most frightening villain in the Whovian universe. Don't blink!

6. Daleks and Bow Ties

Doctor Who Dalek Christmas Sweater, $46, 80s Tees

Because what's better than mixing daleks with bow ties?

7. Doctor Christmas Stockings

Doctor Who Christmas Stockings Sweater, $35, 80s Tees

Adorable Christmas stockings with the doctors' costumes printed on them. The only question is — ten or eleven?

8. Wobbly Christmas

Have a Wobbly Christmas, $29, Red Bubble

Because we all know time is just a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

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