Jen Oaks' 2016 "Minx!" Calendar Combines Pinups & Body Positivity For The Best Way To Start The New Year

Pinup calendars may have been a tradition for decades at this point, but rarely are they so body-positive as Jen Oaks' 2016 "Minx!" calendar. Sure, other calendars might claim to celebrate women's bodies, but do they feature a diverse range of "ample babes and curvy vixens for your full-figured delight," complete with full on, Cher-style' 70s glam? I didn't think so.

"My inspiration came from a fixation with '70s Playboy, Russ Meyer films, and the urge to illustrate some vintage clothing to make pinup characters sort of from the era," creator Jen Oaks writes on her Etsy page. According to Cosmopolitan, she also drew inspiration from '70s style icons like Pam Grier, Jane Fonda, and, of course, Cher. 12 illustrations later, and lo! The Minx! calendar was born, in all its empowering, body-positive glory. Unsurprisingly, Oaks has received largely positive reactions so far: She told Bustle over email that comments have ranged from the "YESSS, hot, saucy, DANG!" variety to people wondering where they can get the clothes featured in the illustrations.

The calendar isn't merely notable for its plus-size subjects; just as importantly, the illustrations feature a racial diversity not found in most pinups. Whether she's white, black, Latina, or rendered in monochrome, one thing is true: The ladies in these illustrations are smokin' hot.

Although her 2016 calendar is the most recent example, Oaks has been creating plus-size pinups for some time now. "I drew that first batch of babes in 2011 and released them as a 2012 calendar, then reissued it for 2013," she explained to Bustle over email.

If you can't make yourself fork over the money for a calendar, don't fret — Oaks has more plans for her pinup subjects. "Next month I'm going to list individual signed archival prints of each girl without the calendar type. I definitely want to make the two tough girls by the car into a silkscreened blacklight print," she wrote. "Maybe rollergirl will make some friends."

Take a look at a few more illustrations below, and head over to Jen Oaks' Etsy page to buy the calendar. To see more of her work, check out her Instagram and website.

Images: Courtesy of Jen Oaks (4)