What McDonald's All Day Breakfast Pair Should You Get? This Flowchart Helps You Follow Your Bliss

As someone who listed "Egg McMuffins" under "Religion" on Facebook for quite some time in my youth, you can imagine that news of McDonald's starting All Day Breakfast was basically my version of the second coming. But with this glorious new world comes a unique set of problems — particularly in deciding which McDonald's All Day Breakfast items to eat. I know, I know. "Just eat them ALL!" you say. That was my first reaction too — but you see, there is an art to this. You can't just follow your breakfast bliss all willy-nilly, when there are so many outlying factors to consider. Thankfully McDonald's has spared us the angst of our indecision by creating a glorious flowchart that tells you exactly which items you should pair together to achieve peak breakfast no matter what time of day.

Before you venture with me on this journey of a lifetime, I have to warn you to keep an open mind. Now that breakfast is served during hours of lunch and dinner, new doors have been opened, and new limits will be tested. These combinations, impossible to enjoy together a mere three months ago, are now a beautiful reality — and it's up to us to be their pioneers. BE BRAVE, FELLOW ALL DAY BREAKFASTERS, and figure out what you were destined to consume today:

So what's your verdict? I personally got fries and an Egg McMuffin. Not only am I super pumped about this, but by sharing that I am hoping that anyone who got the same results and is ALSO working on a sci-fi novel wants to swap manuscripts over breakfast. (Warning: I will steal your hash browns, and I will have no remorse.)

Let this also be your reminder, fellow lazy boneses, that there are EIGHT DAYS LEFT to finish any Christmas shopping. At least All Day Breakfast is forever.

Images: Getty; Courtesy of McDonald's