This Three Minute Hallmark Movie Might Be The Most Romantic Tale Ever Told — VIDEO

Personally, my favorite part of the holiday season is watching all of the Christmas movies that take over TV the second you put your Thanksgiving fork down. I'll also let it be known that I'm a big fan of parodies and have a lot of respect for anyone who properly knocks something I like, which is why I'm more than happy to share this video featuring a full Hallmark movie in three minutes. The creators of this video have wrangled all the key elements in a Hallmark movie and trimmed all the excess.

In just three minutes, the main character — who is a love-hungry, over-worked single female — finds both love and a solution to her work-life balance, all in one chanced meeting on the sidewalk outside her office. The filmmakers also managed to fit in a few key Hallmark-ian attributes to the story, such as: a widower, a child looking for a new mom, a departing flight, a secret, a ring, a phone call with mother, a line that's said by one character, repeated by someone else, and snow, of course snow, because what is Christmas without a white ending.

...Though we might need rethink that traditional White Christmas ending, seeing as this year Christmas will most likely be a mix of green and light brown. Here are some notable highlights:

She's Over-Worked

The main character never cares about things like a dying father or working on Christmas in the beginning of the movie, there needs to be room for growth!

The Un-Wanted Proposal

The main character will also receive a Christmas proposal from a the wrong guy, but she will say yes because she won't yet know about the right guy.

Meet Cute With Right Guy

Just when the main character thinks she's going to settle into a life with the wrong guy, the right guy will literally bump into her and shake up her world.

It Begins To Snow

All Hallmark Christmas movies must end with snow and kissing. It's a law.

Enjoy the full video here:

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