How To Make 5 Types Of Winter Moisturizers

Just like our wardrobes change with the seasons, so should our moisturizing regimens. It's that time of year again on the east coast: Time to whip up a DIY winter moisturizer that can sustain the harsh winds that whip across our face and the cool temperatures that zap our skin of its natural glow. It's been a mild season so far, so before you start to really feel the effects of the cold front, look beyond the shelves and make a winter moisturizer to keep your skin glowing and youthful.

I've had trouble in the past with OTC moisturizers; treading the fine line between staying moisturized and not clogging my pores seemed to be nearly impossible. As the dry skin that often plagues the area around my eyes and mouth each winter would disappear, my cheeks and chin would experience uncontrollable breakouts. Obviously, I had to take matters in my own witchy hands and craft up a moisturizer that was made specifically for my own sensitive skin.

I've bounced between several homemade moisturizers and, while some have worked better than others, none have bestowed the same outbreaks as those pricey, store bought alternatives. The reason is that I have control over each ingredient. If one doesn't work out, I can just swap it out in the next batch. If you, too, are look for an alternative to the lotion normal, these DIY winter moisturizers should get you started on your quest to stay hydrated.

1. Sweet Orange Face Cream

Let's start with one of the heavier moisturizers for winter. This face cream will hold up even if you are struggling through the winters of the great white north. Just use equal parts shea and beeswax (about two tablespoons of each should do it) then add a tablespoon each of coconut oil and filtered water. Feel free to infuse your water with roses for extra antioxidants before adding drops of sweet orange and neroli essential oil. These essentials promote elasticity in the skin and regenerate damaged skin cells.

2. Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Lotion

Sea buckthorn is an anti-aging warrior, plus it has natural moisturizing fatty acids, vitamins E and C, and it's high in inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Yes, my acne-prone children, you can rest assured this will reverse your dry skin while soothing wounds of acne. Start with two tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of grapeseed oil, and a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin. Next, add about four to five drops of sea buckthorn. If you want to advance your lotion, I like to add eight drops of myrrh essential oil to jumpstart that healing process.

3. Lavender Tea Tree Face Serum

I'm about a month in on this daily face serum and I'm in love with the lightweight oil of baobab oil and the calming properties of the lavender. After you wash your face, mix three drops of lavender tea tree oil into about one teaspoon of baobab oil in the palm of your hand, then dab it into your skin. So far, my skin has found that this combo is super effective at controlling breakouts. This also makes for a great nightly serum, if you prefer something heavier during the day time.

4. Sweet Almond Face Serum

This face serum is great for less oily babes who have combination skin. Sweet almond oil is rich in antioxidants, while sesame oil contains vitamins A and E, giving this slightly nutty oil some seriously serious healing properties. For this serum, use equal parts of this sweet almond and cherry seed blend (cherry seed is super nourishing), and sesame oil. Next, add in drops of geranium essential oil, a potent oil is great for balancing complexions in oily and dry skin.

5. Mango Grapefruit Face Cream

Mango butter is a natural moisturizer that soothes wrinkles and clears acne. It has natural UV protection which is still important in a winter moisturizer. It tends to be lighter than cocoa and shea butter, so your skin won't feel as weighed down. Use one part raw mango butter, two parts coconut oil, and one teaspoon each of water and vegetable glycerin. Next add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to brighten up any dark spots. This face cream will have your face feeling the skin benefits of summer all winter. Store your new face cream in a sealable jar for future use.

Images: victoria_fox/Fotolia; Kristin Collins Jackson (5)