Check Out Selena Gomez Without Her Extensions

by Rosie W.

Though it's no secret that celebrities use enough fake hair annually to reach to the moon and back, it's easy to forget that they aren't blessed with magical unicorn hair-growing powers. So when Selena Gomez went without her extensions for the Jingle Ball, it was a reminder that she's a human like the rest of us. The singer's natural hair certainly isn't short — Gomez is sporting an on-trend lob that reaches just past her collarbones. Though mermaid hair has become Gomez's trademark, her natural hair is sporty and chic, and a refreshing new look for the singer.

Gomez has been open to admit that her waist-length locks aren't natural: in an interview with YouTuber Lilly Singh, Gomez joked that her hair was "very fake." She certainly isn't the only star to turn to a little extra hair to zhush up her look — Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Solange Knowles, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and pretty much every celebrity who's been in front of a camera lens has added a little extra hair here and there. And let's not forget celebs like Lady Gaga, the veritable Queen of Wigs. Or Kylie Jenner, whose most famous looks are courtesy of helper hair.

Hair extensions in all their permutations are popular among celebs because they offer a quick and easy way to change up your look, but celebrities aren't the only ones in the market: Fashionista reports that stores that sold hair extensions and wigs grossed over $300 million in sales in 2014. By the way, that includes only brick-and-mortar locations in the United States. The international online market for human hair is purported to bring in billions. Though there are serious issues with the ethical sourcing of human hair, hair extensions and hairpieces are ideal for those that can't commit to one hair style.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you're growing out a lob, or your hair is recovering from an at-home bleach job in your quest for rainbow hair, or you just don't want all the extra maintenance that comes with growing really long hair, extensions could be the solution for your bad hair days. Here are the most popular options.

A Single Weft

Halo Couture's extensions are the ultimate way to add length and volume with barely any effort. Their original extensions are made up of one weft of hair that's attached with a wire "halo", and all you have to do is pull your own hair over the wire once it's resting on your head. I had the chance to try these out at a hair show once, and can say from experience that they are just as convenient as they say.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are super popular for two reasons: they're not too expensive, and there are a million tutorials showing you how to put them in yourself.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are exactly what they sound like: extensions that are attached to your natural hair with a special tape adhesive. Unlike clip-ins, tape-in extensions are require professional installation, upkeep, and removal, so be prepared for a time and money commitment.

A Sew-in/Weave

In an interview with Seventeen, Gomez acknowledged that she favors a weave, or sew-in, and it's not a surprise: weaves are literally sewn into your hair, which means they aren't going anywhere.

Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are bonded to strands of your own hair with a keratin bond and heat. Although they are the most costly option and take the longest to apply, fusion extensions look and feel most natural.

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