Selena Gomez 'Hands To Myself' Teaser Is All About Dark Glamour — PHOTOS

Nobody prances around in nothing but her undies quite like this girl. Selena Gomez is wearing lingerie in the “Hands To Myself” video that she keeps teasing on social media, and it's one sultry look. She’s posted a couple of different video snippets, and there are so many thoughts passing through my mind as I watch. My first thought? This is amazing, and I want more. Second, when is the video coming out? I can’t wait anymore. And third — I’m loving her look right now! I mean, those bangs. That makeup. The girl is killing it.

Whether she’s in her bikini or in lingerie, Gomez is the master of sexy. She’s confident and comfortable in her body, which makes any woman glow. But, with this look, in particular, she wasn’t afraid to mix it up with her styling, and I love how she’s willing to experiment. Her dark gray eye shadow gives her a bold, dramatic eye, which is always a daring move. She has fun with her nail polish and opts for a bright blue hue. She tops the look off with long, sleek black hair with bangs and wins at the whole sultry music video thing, yet again.

Bravo, Gomez, bravo. You’ve got the whole world eagerly awaiting the full-length video. If you thought the Victoria’s Secret angels lip-syncing the song was sexy — you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Looking good in that lingerie, lady!

Her look is so glam.

She's so cute blushing over her billboard. Get used to it, Gomez. You're, you know, a pretty big deal.


I don't know about you, but I'm definitely in the mood for a jam session now!

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