Who Should You Send A Holiday Card To This Year?

Sending holiday cards is an antiquated gesture from our parent's generation that is no longer expected or necessary... right? Well, that's what I thought, before I read this infographic from Grammarly featuring various statistics that explain who you should send holiday cards to, because kindness never goes out of style. Trying to figure out who to send cards to and what kinds of cards to send is not easy. And knowing how to anticipate who might send you a card can be difficult, too. Though, I believe the moral of this message is "when in doubt, send a card," it's never inappropriate to spread holiday spirit and thoughtfulness.

With help from Grammarly's infographic, you can go through your rolodex and figure out who in your life should you send a card to and what kind of card should you send. Sending an e-card is the easiest and most casual way to say "Happy Holidays" and "I'm thinking of you," not to mention it's eco-friendly and free. But for some people in your life, a good ol' paper card in the snail mail is the most appropriate option and thoughtful option; it says, "You're worth the money, time, and hassle of going to the post office." And for some people, you'll learn that it's completely acceptable to send no card at all.

To figure out your holiday card strategy, take a look at this chart and follow the dotted line to your postal destiny:

Image: Pixabay; Courtesy of Grammarly