A Single Girl's Guide to Sending Holiday Cards

We've seen a lot of pretty great Christmas cards through the years (thanks, Internet), but one woman's hilariously amazing "I'm single!" holiday cards definitely take the cake. Meet Bridget, a woman so brave, she literally said "eff you" to traditional Christmas cards and produced a few of her own that are the definition of “getting the last laugh.” Because if there's ever a time when the world likes to make your single status painfully clear to everyone, it's that mistletoe-filled period that falls between December 1 and New Year's — and Bridget isn't standing for it anymore.

Reddit user macbubs shared his sister Bridget's holiday cards from the last few years with the Internet and, well, they're pretty fantastic. According to macbubs, he and three of his sisters are married while Bridget has stayed single. Starting in 2010, their parents thought it would be “awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card,” he explains (his married siblings apparently all do holiday cards of their own). But instead of just forgoing a holiday card altogether, Bridget decided to send out her own amazing season's greetings celebrating her singledom. And let's just say, it's kind of awesome.

The cards, in chronological order, only get better as the years go on, and they all have a pretty central theme — singleness and booze, obviously. Check them out here (and do yourself a favor and view the full album on Imgur):

I really must commend Bridget for the card featuring a few different versions of herself and wishing the recipients "more of me" in 2013. It takes some real graphic design skills to pull this off. Also, to drink all of those bottles. My favorite one, though, has to be the one from last year. Hey, she's just saying what we’re all kind of thinking about the Stepford Wives–esque family cards our siblings (and friends, neighbors, and acquaintances) always seem to send us. Plus, those pajamas are absolute perfection. And honestly? If you ask me, being single during the holidays can be awesome. No running around on Christmas Day trying to see your whole entire family AND your significant other's family. Less gift-giving pressure. More boozy hot chocolate for you!

But it can also be a bit rough. I’ve been there. You have to suffer through all those holiday engagement-ring commercials (is it just me, or do these seem to play on repeat this time of year?), explain to your great aunt a million times why you’re not seeing anyone, and typically go to all your parties stag.

So here’s to love and loneliness in 2015, Bridget! You get us.

Images: Fotolia; Imgur