Short Film “Life in Text” Tells the Story of a Relationship Through Its Text Messages

When it comes to relationships, text messages can be a blessing and a curse. Just ask the subject of the short film “Life in Text” — he knows how those simple “thinking of you” messages can carry the heaviest weight once your relationship is over.

Written and directed by Laurence and Jessica Jacobs, “Life in Text” finds the lovelorn Ben (Tyler Ritter) moping through his breakup with Hayley (Alexandra Daddario). Like many of us, he falls into the trap of sending essay-length text messages to Hayley; after declaring that the breakup is eating him up, though, he stops short just before sending a followup (the dreaded “You there?”). Instead, he scrolls back through the years of texts between them stored on his phone. From the small things to the big ones and from pictures and videos to emojis, he relives their relationship in reverse – learning how to let go in the process.

The film originally hit YouTube back in November, but it’s recently been gaining traction — and as long as texting is a part of modern relationships, it will continue to be relevant. We’ve all been there: The relationship you just can't bring yourself to let go of. But hitting “delete” doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Sometimes, it’s a new beginning instead.

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Image: Laurence and Jessica Jacobs/Life in Text