Get To Know Lauren Outside Of 'Vanderpump Rules'

Can everyone agree on one crucial Vanderpump Rules fact, please? James is at fault for cheating on Lala, not Lauren. OK, now that that's out of the way, who is Lauren from Vanderpump Rules ? This hostess has been in the background of the show, but has never really gotten a spotlight until now — and it's not particularly flattering to have your television debut be an argument about whether or not you were "flaunting" the bite marks you gave someone during a hookup. But there's not much you can learn about Lauren Chavez just from watching Vanderpump Rules. So beyond simply what's been shown on TV, what exactly is Lauren like? A little Instagram sleuthing, and I think I've got some answers.

On the show, what we've seen of Lauren is somewhat one-sided. Obviously, like everyone who works at SUR, she spends time hanging out with her coworkers, so of course she wasn't opposed to the idea of a casual work hookup. And even though now we know a little too much about the details of her tryst with James, that doesn't mean there isn't more to learn about Lauren as an individual. With her ability to find drama even without being a full-time cast member, let's see what else Lauren has to offer.

She Claims She Didn't Know About James & Lala

On the Vanderpump Rules after show, Lauren said that she didn't know about Lala and James' situation... and that the reason she didn't speak up about it is because she didn't want to be blamed. Though still a complicated issue, her hesitation is understandable.

She's Always Dolled Up (Of Course)

Everyone who is in the cast is always dressed up and in full makeup at all times. That settles it: Lauren is a born SUR-ver.

She Grew Up In New Mexico

Lala expresses her love of the Southwest all the time, be it whenever she sees a desert landscape or when explaining why she loves riding horses so much.

She's Seen Some Sights

Lauren is well-traveled and has shared many pics from her international trips on Instagram.

She's Really Into Comfort Food

There are two kinds of people: those who order everything smothered in cheese and those who don't. At least judging by her self-described "favorite" food, Lauren is a member of the first group.

She Was Dating A Boy Band Member

As of three months ago, Lauren was dating Thomas Augusto, a former member of Midnight Red, a boy band. While it doesn't look like the two are spending that much time together anymore — at least on their Instagrams — the relationship seemed like it was pretty serious, since they even traveled to Lauren's hometown together.

She's Kind Of Cool With Lala Now

According to an interview Lala gave to Bustle, she is finally starting to move on from the betrayal, but it's slow going. "I forgive and forget, but there are some things where you just have to be like, 'Pump the breaks a little bit.'"

Image: Bravo