Liam Gets A Domino Necklace Clue On 'The Royals' When He Sees A Familiar Face

Eleanor and Liam's birthday party was a massive shindig, but The Royals still managed to slip in another clue about the elusive Domino group on the Dec. 20 episode. At his party, the prince saw a young woman and realized she was there when Liam got the mysterious Domino necklace back in Season 1. After getting drunk at a pub when his father was in critical condition, Liam blacked out, but woke up with a necklace with a Domino symbol on it. And until now, he had no idea who was responsible for kidnapping him.

Ophelia had found Liam after his drunken night, but it wasn't in the alley like he remembered last being in, it was in a park with that necklace. When he saw a blonde girl at his birthday party in "Doubt Truth to Be a Liar," he got a flashback from that night and he remembered that girl's face. Liam followed her out of the party (it was broken up by an enraged Eleanor setting a fire that caused the sprinklers to go off) and pleaded for her to give him information. She said that they were being watched and couldn't talk then, but based on her willingness to even acknowledge him and the next episode's preview, it seems promising that she may help give some clues to what the hell is going on with Domino — and what happened to Liam on that night he can't remember.

Liam already asked Jasper to help him solve the Domino necklace dilemma, but the audience knows much more than both of them because of Ted Pryce. As head of palace security, Pryce already had a card from Domino and went to the address listed on it, where he met with an unknown man who claimed Pryce killed Simon.

No matter how you cut it, Domino has information on Simon's murder, whether Ted did it or they did it. But I have a suspicion, based on Helena and the Grand Duchess' discussion earlier in Season 2, that the monarchy has a long, tumultous relationship with Domino and that the underground group has been responsible for death of royalty throughout history. It could be a long shot, but Liam was marked with that necklace for a reason, whether because Domino meant to spare him, warn him, or give him knowledge of their group. While I don't necessarily think Domino is evil just yet (maybe they'd even help Liam overthrow Cyrus??), if they did have anything to do with Simon or Robert's death, Liam will want to seek revenge. The Royals still isn't giving viewers (or Liam) many answers, but I'm thankful that the prince has finally caught a break since it's time he got to put some pieces together of his forgotten night.

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