Will Jordan Smith Go On Tour? 'The Voice' Winner Needs To Share HIs Voice Across The Country

Whether you predicted it or not, it's finally official: Jordan Smith is the winner of The Voice Season 9. The talented singer from Kentucky was the frontrunner all season, so it was awesome to see him take home the winner's trophy. Viewers already know he can belt out some pretty challenging songs, but when will Jordan Smith go on tour and take his voice nationwide? There hasn't been any official word on tour dates just yet, but Smith will have a pretty nice homecoming on Monday in his hometown Harlan, Kentucky. The small town is throwing a parade for their champion and hosting a meet-and-greet with Smith at the Harlan Civic Center.

It's been quite a journey since The Voice fans met Smith when the Blind Auditions first aired in September. He stunned audiences and coaches with his epic cover of Sia's "Chandelier" and Smith hasn't stopped impressing coach Adam Levine — and the audience — since. At a press conference last week, Levine even supported Smith's wish to one day sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. "I think that'd be amazing," Smith told the press. "It's one of my favorite songs. I would love to do that."

But, until something like that happens, at least we have these awesome Voice performances to tide us over.

1. "Chandelier" By Sia

The original, unforgettable Smith rendition that now has a staggering 22 million views on YouTube. It's performance that started it all.

2. "Halo" By Beyonce

Oh, you know, Smith just decided to do a Beyonce song for the Live Playoffs — and he was completely mesmerizing as he takes on Bey's hit.

3. "Set Fire To The Rain" By Adele

Smith took on a huge challenge in the Knockout rounds: A song by Adele, one of the greatest contemporary singers out there. And, he didn't miss a beat.

4. "God Only Knows" By The Beach Boys (With Adam Levine)

The Voice on YouTube

Coach and contestant shared the stage in the Season 9 finale, singing a song that Levine declared to be one of his favorites of all time. Who knew Levine loved the Beach Boys?

5. "Somebody To Love" By Queen

Backed by an entire chorus, Smith belted this Queen classic and truly made it is own in The Voice semifinals.

6. "Without You" By Usher (With Usher)

The Voice on YouTube

Smith got the chance to sing with the former Voice coach during the finale on Usher's own 2011 hit song. The result? Flawless.

I can't wait to see what's next for Smith, and hopefully a tour is on his to-do list!

Image: Trae Patton/NBC