16 Times Olivia Culpo's Instagram Was All Of Our Instagrams

Tthe former Miss Universe may be an insanely beautiful, otherworldly pageant queen, but that doesn't mean she doesn't Instagram just like the rest of us. Nope, Olivia Culpo loves Instagram just as much as we all do — now, granted, her feed is filled with quite a few more magazine editorials and star-studded fancy parties, but she's still proven herself to be quite the relatable young starlet over the social media site.

Most famous for taking home the Miss Universe crown back in 2012 (as well as the respective Miss USA and Miss Rhode Island crowns), Culpo has been making headlines most recently as a judge in this year's competition (yes, the same one where Steve Harvey flubbed up the winner and the first runner-up). She was the first Miss USA to win Miss Universe since 1997, and this year, she returned to the competition with as much beauty and grace as you'd expect.

Nowadays, you might recognize her from her work as an actress and model — she appeared in The Other Woman, as well as quite a few ads and magazine spreads. Oh, and if you're into celebrity gossip, you might also recall her as the former girlfriend of Nick Jonas — the two reportedly dated for two years before calling it quits. Suffice it to say, she's quite the fabulous lady — but as her Instagram account demonstrates, she's perfectly capable of being an ultra-relatable beauty queen. Let's take a look at her most relatable snaps!

1. That Time She Ate Everyone's Favorite TJ's Tortilla Chips

Granted, she did it whilst dressed to the nines in a goddess-level bronze dress, but still!

2. That Time She Showed Off Her Picnic

Who doesn't love snapping pics of photogenic outdoor food?

3. That Time She Showed Off New Bangs

Nothing like unveiling your new 'do via Instagram...

4. That Time She Made Some Sweet Treats

Adorable turkey placeholders made of Oreos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and candy corn? Yeah, definitely IG-worthy (and that's not even covering Olivia's off-the-charts face game in this snap).

5. That Time She Got an Elaborate Sundae


6. That Time She Car-Selfied

We've all indulged in a car-selfie or two, right?

7 and 8. Those Times She TBT'd

Um, adorable.

Culpo's middle school-era awkward stage was less awkward than most of ours, but it's still nice to remember that perfection isn't everything (even for young women who go on to get crowned Miss Universe).

9. That Time She 'Grammed Her Breakfast

Pumpkin pie-inspired protein shake? Color me intrigued...

10. That Time She Went on a Date with Mom


11. That Time She Was Excited To Eat Ice Cream

We've all been there before.

12. That Time She Showed Off Her (Gluten-Free) Baking Prowess

That is one gorgeous cake.

13. That Time She Kicked Back with the Gals


14. That Time She Shared Her Latte Art

Latte art positively begs to be immortalized via Instagram, no?

15 and 16 Those Times She Chilled with Her Family

Last but not least? There's quite possibly nothing more relatable than goofing off with your fam.