Seems Like Louis Tomlinson Has A New Boo

If you haven't heard, it looks like One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is dating Danielle Campbell, an actor from The CW's The Originals. Of course, nothing is official and neither have commented on the dating rumors. That said, seeing as they've been spotted together multiple times, they're either really good friends or things are definitely heating up romantically. Whatever the case, how did Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell?

Based on two of their encounters, I'm going with they had quite the meet-cute at an ice cream shop. The first time they made headlines, the 1D singer and the TV actor were grabbing milkshakes in Los Angeles. According to a source who spoke with E! News, Tomlinson was reportedly "all over the girl" and was said to be "being playful and all lovey towards her like couples do," all while ordering a ton of milkshakes.

Then they reportedly chilled together at an ice cream shop in Chicago. What is it with these two and ice cream? I guess they just can't get enough of the dairy-filled dessert. I mean, it sure is delicious.

Anyways, for real, how did these two meet? There's a chance the actor and singer first met at Bootsy Bellows in L.A. Campbell's friend, actor Keelin Woodell, posted a photo of the three hanging out, shown below. There's no word if this is actually the first time they met, but the photo definitely helped spark dating rumors about the two.

Some of you might be confused about Tomlinson supposedly dating someone new, especially since he is expecting his first child with Briana Jungwirth. Well, it appears he and Jungwirth are just friends. You know, this is 2015, and two people can have a child together without actually being together exclusively.

So, back to the two meeting. There aren't any reports (yet) on exactly how Tomlinson and Campbell connected. Wherever they met, however they met, or whoever they met through, one thing remains certain: they're ice cream fanatics together.

Here's hoping they really did have an adorable meet-cute at an ice cream shop, because then everything would make sense.