'Downton Abbey' Stars Play Cards Against Humanity & The Dowager Countess Would Be Appalled — VIDEO

What would happen if Lady Mary, Branson, and Mr. Molesley played a dirty card game together? Come on, you know you've thought about it. If not, you can see the real-life version of these three sitting down, being competitive, and putting their dirty minds to good use. Once again, Entertainment Weekly had part of the Downton Abbey cast play Cards Against Humanity. This time around, Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech, and Kevin Doyle participated. Let's just say Lady Mary plays to win and probably because her mind is filthy.

If it's strange for you to see any of the Downton cast in modern-day clothing, you might have a hard time watching this video. It's definitely not something the Crawleys would play at family game night. Not to mention, the Dowager Countess would be appalled, especially at Dockery's answers. If you thought it was entertaining when Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, and Lady Edith played Cards Against Humanity, you haven't seen anything yet.

First of all, I've never seen Mr. Molesley laugh and smile so much. Obviously, he is just a character and this is Doyle, the actor who portrays him. Also, the fact that Leech sings, "My lovely lady lumps," from The Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps" is more than I could've hoped for. Finally, there is Queen Dockery. She played the cards, "Farting and walking away," Running out of semen," and "Penis breath." Just like her character, Dockery isn't holding back when it comes to coming out on top.

My description doesn't do it justice, so watch the video below and prepare yourselves to see these beloved Downton Abbey stars in a whole new light.