11 Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Ship Directly To The Recipient

So, you're super busy. You haven't had time to get everyone a gift on your list, and you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and working late every night this week — why not just invest in last minute holiday gifts you can overnight ship directly to the person? I know you're probably thinking it's too late to do a proper gift hunt and find the kinds of special gifts that your loved ones so deserve, but don't fret, because guess what? It's totally possible to purchase a last minute gift and still be the first one to deliver it.

Thanks to the elves at FedEx and UPS who have teamed up with various internet retailers, you can go from being the over-worked cliché who totally didn't remember to get someone a present until the day before Christmas, to the person who got everyone amazing gifts that will arrive just in-time. Not to mention, the recipient will have no idea that you put the order in only 24 hours in advance. These high quality gifts will convince your loved ones that you spent eons picking them out. And, they’ll be totally surprised by the delivery.

So go forth! Put your order in and be a Christmas hero! Here are a few of my favorite things right now, all available for next-day delivery with a gift receipt:

1. Penny Skate Board

Penny Skateboards are made with love in Australia. They're for skaters, by skaters. Their unique plastic body gives them an impressive durability and appearance. Pick one of the the amazing designs from the 2015 catalog, or customize your own. Available in three sizes. Order directly to the recipient and they'll get it just in time for the holidays.

Candy 27'', $97.99, Penny Skateboards

2. Birchbox

A six month subscription to Birchbox is like the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. This is the perfect gift to send any woman or man who loves products. They'll never get tired of receiving a box full of goodies and they will have the option to renew after their gift subscription ends.

BirchBox Subscription, $60, Birch Box

3. Noise-Isolating Headphones

If there's someone on your gift list that loves music, there's no better gift to get them than a supreme quality set of headphones. Whereas many headphones advertise themselves as noise-canceling, these headphones focus more on music isolating.

Urbanite Headphones, $100, Sennheiser

4. DIY Camera

This gift will entertain any kid and inspire any adult. This build-it-yourself camera comes with comprehensive instructions and will be ready to use in no time.

Bigshot Camera Kit , $99, Bigshot Camera

5. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Who wouldn't jump up and down for a foot massager? This lavish and indulgent gift is portable and ready to use. Ship it to someone who needs to take a load off.

Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat , $89.99, Sharper Image

6. Picnic Basket Gift Tin With Wine

This is a double-whammy gift. It's a tasty food basket, and it's a bottle of wine. It's the perfect gift to send someone whose party you'll be attending, and it's the perfect gift to send someone whose party you won't make it to.

Food & Wine Picnic Basket , $79.99, Harry & David

7. Kindle E-Reader

If you're not sure what kind of book to send your loved one, Send them an e-reader and let them decide what to read.

Kindle , $79.99, Amazon

8. Camp Blanket

This Pendleton Camp Blanket is so cozy and timeless. Anyone would be delighted to get this kind of gift in the mail, and it will last forever. Warmth never goes out of style.

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket, $90, Garmentory

9. Instant Print Digital Camera

This Polaroid revival is incredibly modern and totally useful. Take a photo and print it out, instantly. This is an all-ages gift that your loved one will get obsessed with. Expect to see picture stickers everywhere.

Instant Print Digital Camera, $99, Amazon

10. Beer Making Kit

Get ready to be worshipped. This is the kind of gift that people don't realize they need until the receive it. Send it to a beer aficionado or send it to a someone who loves crafts. It's the best of both worlds.

Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit, $50, Urban Outfitters

11. Timex Watch Set

This unisex watch kit is a generous gift, with three strap options. Gift it to someone who loves to be matchy-matchy, or send it to someone who's always late! But rest assured, the gift will arrive on-time.

Timex Tweed Strap Weekend Watch Kit, $85, Urban Outfitters

Images: Courtesy of Brands