Gifts The Real Housewives Really Need This Year

I love watching Real Housewives because the women have lives that I could never imagine living. They are all gorgeous, entertaining, famous, and privileged. And they're all used to getting what they want most of the time, so I imagine that it has to be pretty tough finding them the perfect Christmas presents. What do you get a woman who already has so much? It really does seem like they have it all, but I'm sure they still want gifts. In fact, I've made a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for the women of Real Housewives . After years of watching these shows, I feel like I "know" the ladies pretty well, so I have plenty of ideas.

Santa should take a cue or two from me when it comes to these reality TV stars. I'm thinking beyond the designer purses and shoes and using those inside jokes and one-liners that us fans recognize as inspiration. I'm talking about the things that the ladies really need like endless supplies of alcohol, hot guys, shade repellent, interns, and indestructible wine glasses.

At first, it seems like these women have everything that they could ever want, but they're Real Housewives, so you know that they always want more.

1. Hot Guys For Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer was not happy when she showed up to one of Bethenny Frankel's events and did not see enough hot guys. Of course, Bethenny ended up making fun of her disappointment, but that doesn't mean that Ramona doesn't still want the hot guys.

2. Indestructible Wine Glasses For Lisa Rinna

As iconic as it was for Lisa Rinna to break a wine glass during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Amsterdam trip, it's definitely not something that should happen all the time. If she's going to freak out again, then maybe it would be better if she had some sort of indestructible wine glass to throw around.

3. Sprinkle Cookies For Teresa Giudice

We all know that Teresa Giudice hated it when Melissa Gorga brought sprinkle cookies to her Christmas party, but I feel like it would be a hilarious throwback gesture if someone gave her some this year. I'm sure she could use a little comic relief to lighten the mood.

4. Wine For Shannon Beador

I just love it when Shannon Beador drinks on Real Housewives of Orange County. She is always down to have a good time. Plus, she has been through so much stress that I feel like she deserves a glass of wine... or 10.

5. A Day Off For Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss never stops working. She is always doing a million things at once, even when she's pregnant. I feel like she just needs a break from it all, even if it's just for one day.

6. Interns For Sonja Morgan

I feel like Sonja could never have enough interns. I still don't really know what they do, but I just feel like she could always use some more.

7. Shade Repellent For Yolanda Foster

It's really killing me to watch the RHOBH ladies questioning Yolanda Foster's illness and throwing shade her way. I just wish that she had some sort of spray to get rid of all the hate.

8. Cubs For LuAnn de Lesseps

I'm all about this newly single LuAnn de Lesseps and I love watching her pull a Sonja by going for the younger dudes. I just want the Countess to keep getting with these guys and fighting with Carole Radziwill about it whenever possible.

9. An Invisibility Cloak For Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards always ends up in or around conversations that make her so uncomfortable. I mean, we all remember her running away when her sister Kim got in a fight with Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam. And on the new season people are still bringing up Kim and it is so awkward for Kyle. If only she had a way of becoming invisible during these moments.

10. Shots For Tamra Judge

Whenever Tamra Judge turns up, the viewers know that it's going to be a great time. Just pour Tamra some shots and you know some classic one-liners are on the way.

11. Puppies For Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is the biggest animal lover. She would love to take care of as many puppies as possible, so a squad of dogs would be a perfect gift for her.

Hopefully Santa gets a chance to read this list before Christmas so he can make sure that the Real Housewives all get their perfect gifts.

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